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The history of the SINTRA wallpaper factory begins in 1991, when a new direction was established on the basis of a huge production concern - the wallpaper manufacturing company. In 2000, the factory was visited for the first time by representatives of the RASCH company, and in 2001 the RASCH group of companies created the company CJSC SINTRA. The founder of the SINTRA factory is RASCH.


Originally, the factory produced products under the trademark RASCH, in particular, they were the first collections: Giganto, Sun Wall, Mega Color and Paint It. In the future, the founders make a strategic decision to create a new brand - SINTRA. Today we can rightly say that this cardinal decision has expanded the prospects for further development of the factory. Products of the Kalush factory are produced today under the independent trade mark "SINTRA".
The production planning specialists form production plans based on orders from customers and available warehouse balances. Constant analysis and sales statistics make it possible to optimize the planning process.

All the SINTRA designs for production at the Kalush factory were created and developed in the design studio RASCH at that time.


In 2005, the SINTRA factory creates its own separate division - a design studio that provides a full cycle: from developing the ideas of the graphic composition to their practical implementation in production.

Today the atelier is a prototype of the production cycle, a kind of mini-copy of the production line. The technical conditions of the studio allow us to develop and implement the ideas of artists and designers who later become SINTRA wallpaper designs.