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A collection of hot-embossed vinyl wallpapers, 1.06 meters wide.


The patterns and color range of this marvelous wallpapers collection create an image of the four elements of nature: Fire, Air, Water and Earth. Obviously, the artist, who created these images, interpreted natural phenomena in his own way. Nevertheless, you can definitely recognize a breath of wind, a silhouette of sea waves, and bright colors of fire in abstract and a little minimalistic patterns.


Let us make a short voyage in history. Ancient Greek scientist Empedocles discovered four ultimate elements of nature – fire, earth, water, and air. Later Aristotle, whose works underpinned astrology, presented four classic elements as follows:

Water – the union of moisture and cold

Earth – the union of cold and dryness

Fire – the union of heat and dryness

Air – the union of heat and moisture.


The theme of collection was chosen deliberately. The elements are the ultimate source of inspiration for an artist who creates texture wallpapers. Being both beautiful and flexible, this unmatched collection may be used universally in any interior – full of detail and minimalistic, in large premises and the small ones.

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  • This modern design is bold, but not ornate. The picture creates dynamic composition with the vividness and vigor of fire tongues. Such design will definitely fill the interior with the energy of inspiration. 

  • The word "Terra" means the Earth. What comes to your mind when you think of the Earth? It is probably permanence, strictness, responsibility, concentration, and rationalism. The Earth is the basis for everything stable and unchanged.

    "Terra" design embodies sustainability, which is what all the people strive for. Interiors of any style may be decorated with "Terra" wallpapers design, and that is why it enjoys constant popularity. 

  • Air is the most mysterious of all elements. Whirls and different flows emerge in the air. The flows may be both rapid or choppy and calm. The flows of air inspired the idea of creating this design. On the one hand, this design is tranquil and mysterious, but on the other hand, it is active and energetic.

    Such an unusual wallpapers design will help you easily create a really special interior and constantly amaze your guests with own bright identity. 

  • Barchans are the sand hills that are moving and changing their form. This is the wind that moves and changes them. This wallpapers design is just as vague and unpredictable as natural barchans. Due to subtle glimmer and thin embossment, the picture on wallpapers changes depending on light refraction and sight angle. This is an interesting solution for a sensuous person. 

  • The air means changeability, information, communication and inception. Lightness and independence are its attributes. It seems as if there were no air, however it is everywhere. It mantles us with its magical lightness and power. Interior in "air style" will help you create the atmosphere of tenderness that will soothe you and bring a warm summer morning to your home. 

  • "On crest of wave" design creates an atmosphere of pleasant relaxation at the seaside. Feel the freedom and incredible emotions of overcoming the element of water. This design is a piece of fine art depicting so complex but graceful roll of majestic ocean on the wallpapers.

  • At first glance the lowland seems to be plain and not worth appraising. But keep in mind that the Earth means the backbone and stability, the ultimate base. "Lowland" wallpapers design may be described with a single word – plainness. Plainness is a necessary prerequisite for everything that is beautiful. Plainness is the hardest thing to show, feel and convey.

    If you want to create both plain and complex interior for a long time, this is the best match for you. With its natural colors and very simple effects, the collection is universal and appealing to any, even the most sophisticated customer. 

  • Water is passive, agitable, sensitive and plastic. Water belongs to essential magic powers. It is somehow detached from everything earthly, internally changeable and pure.

    With its intricate embossment and the subtlest natural hues, "Lagoon" design brings you at the seaside to feel gentle sea breeze indoors.