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This collection includes expanded vinyl wallpapers, with the size being 1.06 m х 10 m, on a non-woven base.

Name "Antheia" comes from ancient Greek mythology – it means the goddess of gardens and flowers, as well as the patroness of people in love. This defines our perception of the general collection spirit – elegant, time-proven ancient classics, sophisticatedly supplemented with soft floral notes. The collection is based on classic traditional forms and their combination with moderate floral theme.

When choosing patterns and textures, we decided on two main designs of this collection with a classic damascene motif, having different texture bases. Ornamental designs are complemented by well-suited sole-colored companions and striped companions, creating groups of three designs that harmonize perfectly with each other.

The second theme is an elegant floral motif consisting of two main designs, complemented by classic sole-colored design with timeless stucco texture, enriched with light glimmering effect.

The distinctive feature of Antea collection is an ability to decorate premises, combining two groups of three classic designs – main design with damascene motif, sole-colored companion and well-suited stripe. Also it enables to use classic sole-colored "stucco" design in combination with floral ones, if the classic patterns are not well-liked by decorator.

Basic dimmed soft pastel shades of collection delicately complement the contrast colors.


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  • Elegy design is a small damascene motif with light open-work elements, imitating tapestry textile texture.


    Ariadne design is a sole-colored pattern with the same textile texture as the main design background with effect of thin shining strips.


    Theseus design looks like a stripe combining textile textures and classic stucco texture.

  • Camilla – a minimalist floral design being a separate group of this collection.

    Different color combinations of this design, used while decorating premises, create an atmosphere of modern classic romanticism without excessive tumble of elements. The design is versatile in its interpretation due to a range of color combinations.

  • Fiona is a design with elegant floral motifs, looking as if it twines "stucco" classic background of the wall.

    Atlant is a sole-colored companion with classical effect of stucco and light surface glimmering, that is a timeless safe choice for classic interior decoration.

  • Calypso design is a classic damascene motif with considerably filled background. Nevertheless, the design is well-balanced and creates an atmosphere of wellness.


    Byzant design is a small unobtrusive damascene pattern, skilfully entwined in the main design background, as well as its smaller copy. This will be a perfect choice of multifunctional design, which can be used both as a sole-colored companion to "Calypso" and as an individual solution for premises decoration.


    Orion is a filigreed striped design using the same small damascene motif.