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"Atmosphere" collection by Sintra factory includes wallpapers with expanded vinyl, their size being 1.06 m x 10.05 m.
We were aiming at creating a space with warm and cozy atmosphere thanks to wallpapers. In our opinion, motifs and patterns, depicted on these wallpapers, should not be eye-catching. Instead, they should be blended with surrounding space to convey warmth and coziness. Such interiors make people of all ages feel calm and safe. Based on these criteria we have created a new wallpaper collection "Atmosphere". Motifs depicted on the "Atmosphere" collection wallpapers are versatile simply because they are plain and multi-purpose.
This collection includes classic designs, floral patterns and graphic structures.

  • Both classic and modern "Sunshine" design presents a pattern with small flowers entwined. The pattern element is small and so this design can be used in premises with low ceilings. These wallpapers have a noble glimmering effect due to application of spangles. A range of calm colors allows using "Sunshine" design wallpapers virtually in any premises.
    A uniform stripe with structure also applied in the main motif is used for the companion. This design is fully matte without glitter or mother-of-pearl, which makes it even more stylish and modern-looking. Moreover, thanks to this feature it may be used as an individual design. Color range follows the colors of the main design.
    Color palette: brick, fresh mint, cocoa with milk, pastel yellow, sandy.

  • Modern, plain and vivid "Swirl" design presents fresh airflows at their finest, both ascending and descending, different in temperature and density. Design composition is based on a homogeneous structure. Its elements (flows), different in size and color, intertwining and creating together a swirling effect, appear in the structure background. Slight glimmer effect of several elements emphasizes lightness and uniqueness of this design. The main design comes with two companions: a textile stripe and a plain canvas structure. The companions are made in the color range of the main design, but look plain and matte.

    Thanks to "Swirl" design you can create unmatched and modern designs for your home.

    Color range: graphite, light gray, ivory, pink and brown, pearl and beige, light and dark powder. 

  • "Aurora" design was inspired by northern lights at their finest. The main motif is an abstract twig with small flowers embedded in it. Fabric texture created in the form of eyelets (similar to a looped pattern) is silhouetted in the background. Companion texture is absolutely the same. As a result, we have obtained modern and authentic fabric base.
    These wallpapers are suitable for putting up both in large and small premises. This design will perfectly match various interiors. For instance, both antique and modern furniture can be used with it.
    Color range: mint green, brown, wheat, ivory, biscuit.

  • Modern, decorative and plain enough "Halo" design will surely match your interior. Halo effect in atmosphere represents bright, mainly colored circles or arcs, light columns or spots. "Halo" design pattern contains various entwined arcs (or half-moons) in the form of various color shades and special effects. It is well-known that halo phenomenon is formed in the atmosphere as a result of light refraction in small ice crystals. Our designers especially emphasized this effect using dotty structure with spangles applied on it. At the same time thinner and less expressive elements add extra lightness and charm to "Halo" design. Repetitive pattern motif of the main design, but far more modest and without large elements that use special effects (spangles) supplements the main design as a companion.
    Color palette: pale olive, pink and brown, light yellow, light beige, apricot.

  • "Rainbow" design is really noble and elegant. It looks like a classic pattern depicted on the striped background. The motif is slightly emphasized thanks to spangles, which make these wallpapers gracefully glimmer in a specific lighting. "Rainbow" design is diverse enough similarly to other designs of this collection. Apart from being used in a classic interior with chic and presentable furniture, "Rainbow" wallpapers will also match plain and modern premises. Noble and classic pattern will decorate your interior and catch the eye, while the stripes, used both in the main design and its companions, will visually expand and extend your space.
    Color range: light beige, olive, ivory, cream, brown, smoky white.