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Modern, decorative and plain enough "Halo" design will surely match your interior. Halo effect in atmosphere represents bright, mainly colored circles or arcs, light columns or spots. "Halo" design pattern contains various entwined arcs (or half-moons) in the form of various color shades and special effects. It is well-known that halo phenomenon is formed in the atmosphere as a result of light refraction in small ice crystals. Our designers especially emphasized this effect using dotty structure with spangles applied on it. At the same time thinner and less expressive elements add extra lightness and charm to "Halo" design. Repetitive pattern motif of the main design, but far more modest and without large elements that use special effects (spangles) supplements the main design as a companion.
Color palette: pale olive, pink and brown, light yellow, light beige, apricot.

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