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The basic aim of this collection, performed in a romantic urban modern style, is to offer the widest compatibility, which helps everyone to create their own unique interior. The collection integrates several common themes in the interior decoration, such as classic motifs, seascapes, and stylized floral elements. Each "Avelino" composition is unique and valuable, and therefore, enhances the interior a special unique mood. This collection provides boundless opportunities for creativity and expression of individuality.

A luxurious "Avelino" collection is a mix of stylish designs in a contemporary shape that invites you to the exciting journey in places of unearthly beauty.

Wonderful floral designs, rich landscape motifs and harmonious texture are the elements that will give sincere emotions and tune our feelings to a certain degree.

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  • Gentle sea shades are associated with a sophisticated French coastline and delicately remind you of the Maritime style, which is the second theme of the collection.


  • It is simple and elegant but without sentimentality. The romance of plant and flower motifs is predominated in its picturesque. Loss and antiquity look like a piece of art that does not require additional decoration.

  • Lipari design is created in the style of landscape painting. Here you will find everything that was intentionally created on earth to capture attention, mind, and imagination.


  • "Caprice" design is a timeless classic. At first glance, this design is quite simple, but it is amazing because of its depth of field, attention to detail, the effect of multi-layer embroidery on silk, while stylized diamonds on the background perfectly complement and enrich the classic vein.

  • "Agena" design features a new interpretation of the floral pattern – it is comprised of hand-drawn large peonies, realistic as a photo, depicted using the most delicate tones. This design combines classic and modernity, making the wallpaper perceive in a new way.