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This collection on a non-woven base includes hot-embossed wallpapers, their size being 1.06 m x 10 m.

Applied and decorative art is multifaceted and has rich history. Tapestry is one of weaving art forms, it is a one-sided sheet with a narrative or ornamental composition weaved manually using various interweavings of threads.

It was the tapestry art that inspired us on "Belladomo" collection creation, which is rich in various textile textures and classical motifs in a modern color palette conforming to the latest trends of the wallpaper market.

"Belladomo" collection is a new interpretation of classical collections created in our factory. We turned our attention to the following historical fact: since the Middle Ages and till the 19th century tapestries were manufactured in cycles or ensembles. Woven fabrics on the same topics or color schemes were grouped in ensembles. While designing "Belladomo" collection, we recreated the same method in our production, which makes it unique and distinctive. The main advantage of this method is that you can decorate your premises in a uniform style, and moreover — in a uniform color range. Textiles and imitation of weaving are a distinctive feature of this collection. All hot embossing rolls were developed with the enhanced matte effect to make it fabriclike. Color separation emphasizes this effect and makes it even more similar to fabric. Therefore, there are 7 color groups in "Belladomo" collection, which include from 4 to 7 designs.


The first design of this group is "Maincy". It looks like embroidered fabric, you can see its structure, how stitches follow each other, imitating weaving and creating Damascus. Design proportions and composition are harmonious: it is not as big, as common baroque elements, but also is not too ornate compared to rococo motives, which emphasizes its versatility. Utilized sateen weave texture supplements main pattern, while a light shade and elaborated embossing adds more volume. This design looks natural, live and textile like.


"Kanefas" design

"Kanefas" is an old name of a flax cork relief striped fabric. In "Kanefas" design the stripe has a soft glitter, which makes its inner structure more expressed. Embossing structure replicates the background structure of "Maincy" design sateen weaving.


"Piccadilly" design

Small and graceful ornament, as if taken from ancient fabrics, decorates the whole composition.

Delicate vertical background structure with textile element texture and color scheme create special charm inherent to historical Renaissance textiles.


"Bovary" design

Ornate and coquettish design. In spite of the fact that this design occupies most of the composition space, it does not look overloaded. Such harmony was created thanks to a very elaborated embossing in the background and also delicacy and elegance of motif lines themselves. Various of thin multi-colored threads and stitches on the element add wealth to this design both in color, and in texture.


"Grande" design means refined greatness of Baroque style in modern interpretation. Damascus with botanic elements is placed on the entire textile background of this composition. The motif is volumetric and has a rich content: various textures taken from ancient textiles are combined in it, which adds a soft vintage touch to this design. Its ornament is opalescent inside and complemented with a bright binding. Like a decorative element, it pierces the whole pattern with the metallic thread. "Grande design" will make your interior expressive.


Textile texture is used as a sole-colored companion in "Belladomo" collection. Thanks to sharp embossing and elaborated color separation this sole-colored one perfectly supplements and fits in all other designs.

Brilliant intaglio print is used in a small amount, which adds slight opalescence to uni, creating and enhancing textile effect.

All color combinations are classical for modern design and interior and they conform to fashion trends. Also thanks to color groups they look more attractive and interesting.

"Belladomo" collection offers tailored solutions and combines deep analysis of market trends with unsurpassed aesthetics.

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  • "Celesta" is translated as heavenlike. Pure and gentle blue with a subtle shade of turquoise is a distinctive and striking feature of this group.

    This group includes the designs: "Maincy", "Kanefas", "Piccadilly", "Bovary" and uni

    These designs are implemented in the combination of heavenlike with lacteous and beige, which enables expansion of this group utilization. Beige softens the design and makes it warm and sunny. Threads in cold and beige shade add more complete palette to the designs and emphasize fabric structure.

    All designs can be used both separately, and in combination with each other, supplementing and introducing variety to your premises.

    It should be noted that two companion colors – heavenlike and beige are present in the group. Beige uni is implemented to match the color of elements. Its combination with the main design will make your interior cozier.

  • This is the most gentle and light group in "Belladomo" collection.

    7 designs are included in the group and all of them are harmonized with each other to be combined, while decorating the space of an entire apartment or a house.

    Using "Maincy" design and a stripe of "Kanefas" or "Piccadilly" on the walls of a room is an excellent option to make it your study. "Bovary" combination with a lacteous companion is suitable for your bedroom – these designs will create light and gentle atmosphere.

    "Grande" design in combination with a textile sole-colored companion will be the perfect choice for a living-room.

    Champagne color combined with neutral beige can create cozy atmosphere and are perfectly suitable for rooms with a small amount of light.

  • The combination of neutral beige with black and graphite is often used in the collections of the fashion designer Cavalli, hence the name of the group.

    In this group "Bovary" design is implemented in "mirror" range, that is light elements are pictured against the dark background. It deepens space and makes "Bovary" one of accentual designs in Roberto's group.

    Roberto's group is a bold solution for any interior decoration. It can be a bedroom, a drawing room or a study. This color scheme is one of the modern trends and it has already been applied in many fields of fashion and design. 6 designs are present in this color, which provides a wide choice for decorating an individual interior design.

  • Neutral beige and soft chestnut are classical combinations of shades for old tapestries emphasizing nobility of the "Marun" group designs.

    "Grande" design has a background different from others and the motif is implemented in the main chestnut and brown range.

    Contrast is quite significant across all designs. It enables seeing and understanding complexity of color separation in these designs.

    Warm colors are always associated with prosperity and home comfort. Designs included in this group: "Maincy", “Kanefas”, "Grande", "Bovary". They enable creation of interiors that will remain up-to-date for a long time.

  • "Aurelius" means "golden" in Latin.

    This group is the smallest one by design number. "Aurelius" is like a jewelry shimmering with the light of ancient gold... We hand-picked designs suitable for this style.

    "Maincy", "Bovary" and "Piccadilly" designs with a bright beige and golden companion look majestic and vintage. Application of golden paint adds special glimmering to this motif. It additionally emphasizes embossing elaboration in textile textures.

  • This old name means silver. Gray color is multifaceted. It is inextricably connected with silver and is regarded as a symbol of tranquility, prosperity and well-being.

    Gray is the perfect neutral tone. It is can be easily used in your interior, since it is harmoniously combined with many colors and shades.

    In "Ariana" group we attempted to combine several shades of gray: anthracite as an accentual shade, silvery as a primary color and quartz as a warm shade, introducing softness. As a result, we were able to make this group full and saturated. The presence of two sole-colored companions, gray in color of the background and beige in color of the elements, makes this group more convenient in use and enables creation of an interior, both in warm, and in cold range.

  • It is the brightest and most memorable group of "Belladomo" collection.

    Dark blue color emphasizes richness of all designs, resembling the color of royal robes. The combination of beige and indigo colors is used differently in each design: in "Grande" and "Bovary" beige is colder and darker, while in "Piccadilly" and "Kanefas" the main background is beige and golden, elements are of dark blue shades. The companion is available in three colors – beige and golden, neutral beige and dark blue. Bright backgrounds make this group easier for perception and utilization.

    Thanks to it you should have no fear of experimenting: you can create both light, and dark interiors or combine both.