New items in the collections



There is a distinguished newcomer to our assortment!

Meet the "Bestseller" wallpapers catalog.

It may officially be called "The Greatest Hits" edition, because it combines the most popular designs from existing collections: New Line, Infinity, Gloria, One Vision, etc.

This is the magnificent vinyl wallpapers on a non-woven base with charming bunches of flowers, geometric figures, tempting patterns and stripes, and various stuccos. "Bestseller" collection is stored in a warehouse, therefore all items can be purchased with the minimal delivery time.



808856, 808849, 808832, 808818, 808801


This design is created in stencil technique and creates an impression of hot embossment.

The design formula is as follows: the repeat of the pattern is filled throughout with the large rose motif. The design is very eye-catching, especially in bright colors. Such wallpapers will make your interior extraordinary and modern.

Color palette: red, white, lilac, mint green, cream



"Twig" design

810316, 810323


A fragile twig with delicate leaves provides the basis for this design, enriched with a classic color solution and a pleasant texture.

It conveys lightness and ease. And what should help us create such an atmosphere? Of course, it is a floral pattern!

Black and white color solution makes this design effective and expressive. At the same time, a shade of beige introduces comfort and calmness.



"English stripe"

825341, 825310, 825327, 825303, 825334, 825358


This design stands out due to its simple and refined shapes and motifs, combined with textile textures. Due to embossment structures and the mother-of-pearl, the wallpapers sparkle like real pearls and have a modern and stylish look, while the spangles, placed under new technique, create an exquisite glimmer. The graceful pattern will help create a modern, emphatically elegant and individual interior.

Color palette: light olive, tea rose, sandy, light beige, light gray combination, cornflower blue 



"Candy" design

825853, 825822, 825815, 825846, 825839


This design with expanded vinyl is a perfect solution that will help you create a modern fashionable interior. Bright flowers are literally bursting in blossom in the soft and unobtrusive background. "Candy" creates a sunny and invigorating mood of spring.

And its companion in the form of textile fabric texture will be an excellent supplement to the main design.

Color palette: combination of graphite and red, white-gray, coffee, lavender, lilac.



"Venetian stucco" design

826058, 826027, 826041


"Venetian stucco" wallpapers texture follows one of the modern trends in the world of interior design. Embossment technique, vast diversity of color palette and the effect of glimmer create the "depth" and beauty on the walls of any premises. The design is accomplished with a decorative sophisticated charm due to delicate nuances of colors.

Color palette: cappuccino, vanilla beige, silver-white.



"Fantasy" design

826454, 826447, 826409, 826416, 826423


Entwined curls and leaves will mesmerize you with the fineness of lines, creating an atmosphere of a fantasy wood and attracting you with its mysterious beauty. Silver and bronze on some motifs are eye-catching. Spangles decorate the pattern, making it really unmatched and attractive. The companion follows the structure of the main design background. This pleasant texture of crushed fabric will be appealing to everyone who sees it. "Fantasy" design will make your premises fully self-sustained, creating nice and accomplished classic interior.

Color palette: silver and black, black and white, golden olive, glimmering peach, elegant beige.



"Breeze" design

827642, 827666, 827635, 827659, 827611, 827628, 827604


Looking similar to waves that dazzle with their endless movement, "Breeze" design attracts attention due to its dynamic play and visual effect. Finest embossment amplifies the effect of sparkling, creating the subtlest pearl glitter in this design. This design comes with a diverse palette of color combinations that will bring freshness of see breeze to any premises and help create the light interior.

Color palette: brown chocolate, light beige, white, golden vanilla, fresh green, gray blue, light lilac.



"Constance" design

828434, 828441, 828427


Young sprouts gracefully intertwine with each other, creating classic composition for wallpapers. Due to sharp embossment, textile textures and soft glitter, this design gets depth and volume.  Plain and laconic forms make it universal and topical for ever. "Constance" design comes with its companion, created with textile texture and original combination of several structures.

Color palette: graphite with white, light green, milk beige.



"Wave" design

828717, 828724, 828755, 828700, 828748, 828731


Being original in its craft and making unique effect, "Wave" design follows one of the popular modern trends of "living walls". Depending on light and the angle of sight, wallpapers with the "Wave" design create a feeling of movement, as if the wave flowed from one color to another. This is achieved due to specific embossment, intaglio printing and special coating with the tiniest particles of spangles that make wallpapers glimmer in the light. "Wave" is something absolutely new in your interior.

Color palette: white graphite, dark beige with brown shade, smoke white, complex shade of beige olive, beige vanilla, blue.



"Sonata" design

829660, 829653, 829639, 829615, 829608


With its play of textures and combination of mat and glazed surfaces, the design resembles the playing of a sonata. Colors and textures diverge and reunite again creating a certain rhythm as if it were a tune. This design has various levels; thus, its architecture is very interesting.

Color palette: combination of beige and pink, flaxen, wheat, milk, graphite with white.



"Sandstone" design

832127, 832141, 832158, 832103, 832110, 832165


Sandstone is a clastic sedimentary rock, composed of millions of sand grains.

Unique sieve printing technique was used to create this design. It involves application of large volume of foam and mother-of-pearl, thereby producing an effect of glimmer, similar to the one of white sand under the scorching sun. This versatile design is widely popular with the people who appreciate calm interiors and pastel shades.

Color palette: beige, cafe au lait, cream, vanilla, sand-colored, light powder.



"Inspiration of romance"

833322, 833346, 833315, 833339


Traditional "Provence" style is interpreted in a special way in this design. Small and large flowers, colored in living and delicate shades in the glimmering background, look as if they were real, shedding their rich garden fragrance. "Inspiration of romance" design reminds us of spring with its romantic mood and a rave of bright colors. This design will help you create an atmosphere that will remind you of warm and cordial relationships, of simple and easy communication, of blooming fields and endless sunlit meadows. Well-suited companions will complete your interior.

Color range: beige, lilac, timber and violet, tea rose.



"Immortelle" design

834305, 834312, 834343, 834336, 834329


Whatever fashion craze may be, this elegant and sophisticated floral motif always remains topical and up-to-date. Skillfully made embossment creates a gleaming effect, and soft sparkling glitter amplifies pattern depth.  The main feature of the "Immortelle" design is a fascination of shapes that reflect natural harmony. Along with companions they will become an excellent base for well-balanced relaxing interiors and help emphasize the right points. This design is complemented in the collection by two companions that imitate textile texture. Two different sole-colored designs allow you to create uncountable number of combinations and make your interior really unique.

Color range: pearl gray, bitter chocolate, pink powder, mint, beige.



"Lucentio" design

836507, 836514, 836545


Elegant and coquettish curves of leaves and stems look as if they were painted by some invisible artist. A combination of natural floral motifs, subtlest shades and half-tints creates soft fascination of interior and an atmosphere of tranquility and peace.

Bold strokes of pattern hide subtlest details; different structures were delicately crafted. A companion to the "Lucentio" design is a traditional, and therefore, a versatile one. Coupled with an original pattern, it will allow you to emphasize certain things in the interior without any overload or complications, but making it fresh and inspiring.

Color range: chocolate maroon, light lilac, milk beige



"Barchans" design

838310, 838341, 838334


Barchans are the sand hills that are moving and changing their form. This is the wind that moves and changes them. This wallpapers design is just as vague and unpredictable as natural barchans.  Due to subtle glimmer and thin embossment the picture on wallpapers changes depending on light refraction and sight angle. This is an interesting solution for a sensuous person.

Color range: light brown, light beige, pearl.