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– a collection of hot-embossed vinyl wallpapers, 1.06 х 10.05 m.


Beverly collection offers a new interpretation of popular, original hot-embossed prints and motifs, that follow the modern trends.

Fancy colors, patterns, and textures are universally applicable. Designs of various themes are combined into a single balanced collection.


This collection was inspired by an image of a modern city, where people with a wide range of interests live. The collection also features floral motifs, classic patterns, modern geometric designs, as well as thematic compositions – graffiti. But all of them are united by a concept of modern trends.


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  • Classics in modern interpretation: this trendy structure, delicate vintage style, elegant motif, and soft color palette are the peculiarities of Avril design. In the modern world, a city dweller looks for coziness, harmony, and silence. Such an atmosphere can be created by this design in combination with uni that imitates the stones. This design looks trendy, expressively and elegantly in the interiors.

  • Imitation of brickwork is a trendy tendency of modern interior decoration, that combines two styles – eco and loft, – that become more and more popular. At the same time, this design can be also used in other styles depending on accessories, textile and color palette. The rich color palette and ability to use it both as an individual design and in combination with other wallpapers of a collection is a great virtue of Moon design.

  • Graffiti, a favorite motif chosen by the customers, is supplemented by the motifs adapted from the Internet in Smile design. Today they are understandable for all people and stimulate overall consolidation. Bright memorable design and uni, replicating a background, that imitates a stone wall, will be a perfect emphasis in the trendy interior. Due to a color palette, consisting of contrast polychromatic color schemes and combinations of moderate hues, this design can be used for youth, as well as in classic dining-room.

  • This design features intercrossings of delicate lines, which adds to it a special charm. At the same time a pattern is not oversaturated, and the wallpapers give a sense of lightness and coziness to the premises. Light trendy texture, added to design composition, softens the geometry, and the lines created as a result of vinyl canvas level difference, form nice small diamonds. This design can be used both as an individual design and in combination with the corresponding companion.

  • Lifelike flowers are perceived as somewhat boring, but the customers are not ready to withdraw from them yet. Bright colors are combined with unobtrusive captions as a solid strip, that pleases the eye daily. A great virtue of this design is a lack of necessity to align a pattern at the joints.

  • Unusual geometry. Unobtrusive abstract shapes, soft graphics, and watercolor effect emphasize the combination of various colors and add texture content to the design. Due to charming simplicity and moderate effects and structures of materials, this design is particularly attractive. As the design has a filled composition, it can be used both as an individual design and in combination with designs of the color group to create a unique interior with unmatched spirit.

  • Theme-based design with motifs of modern city: signs, high buildings, taxi – design is particularly dynamic and modern. Pattern graphics fantastically highlights separate details. Due to these motifs, the design is highly memorable and perfectly suitable for modern interiors.