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This collection is mainly aimed to the contemporary kitchen, entrances and corridor interiors.

It is composed of different types of designs. Inspiration is from Nature to Urban environment. It was build up with several special effects and different types of embossed structures. 30 new references in 0,53 cms have been released.

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  • This photographic and flourishing design has been inspired fro the cactus flowers which can be found into the Mojave desert. The different bright color combination will illuminate your kitchen interiors. 3 color variants have been created and they could be associated with some colors of our existing uni range.

  • Nature covers your walls.

    This realistic photographic design will enable you to feel Nature into your home. This design shows different baskets filled of plants and flowers fixed on wood planks.

    3 color variants have been released and are combined with our existing uni range using the same wood background structure.

  • When the light plays with the colors.

    This design slightly embossed enhances the color combination inspired from the rainbow shades.

    6 color variants have been developed and could be easily associated in any type of kitchen interiors (traditional and modern styles)

  • One of the most realistic and delicate leather structure has been created for this contemporary design which can actually match easily in any interiors. The color combination is in “camaïeux” enhanced with a three dimensional shadow effect. It is associated with our existing uni range.

  • A partly urban collection can’t avoid graffiti which are surrounded us in all the big cities. The hand made writing has been slightly washed and erased due to the time. This design is perfectly associated with the uni partner that enhances a roughly “concrete” structure.

  • It is the most urban design showing different views of New York as “clichés” hanged on a map wall. This design has been developed in a 3 monochrome colour way enhanced by one accent colour. It has the facility to be displayed in different rooms and create a city life atmosphere. It is also combined with our existing colour range.

  • Obviously inspired from stock Exchange that mostly takes part of the success of the Giant cities, this design has been achieved with a fine embossed structure associating different existing shades of coins. It is also matching with some colors of our existing uni range.