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This collection was developed representing our washable wallpapers that can be applied in kitchen, corridor and entrance hall.

We used such natural materials in this collection:






Design looks original and modern due to combination of up-to-date prints and patterns.


  • This design was developed using different kinds of stone textures in tandem with geometrical patterns. We were inspired by patchworks that are very popular in ceramics.

    The range of design colours is rich with natural tints of grey and brown interspersed with vivid yellow and orange grains that underline each piece of stone texture.

    We offer “TILE” design for back splash as a perfect alternative to ceramic tile.


  • Generally “VINTAGE” means an object from the past in totally new interpretation. Such description reveals the essence of present design. Colour layout is contrast and delicate at the same time, lace and spidery inscriptions make design elegant when images of forged clock and old letters remind us XX century.

    “VINTAGE” is a good option for corridor and, combined with partner texture, this design will add sophistication and comfort to your house.

  • “SWEET HOME” design spreads warmth and makes you feel at home. Combination of different patterns, lace and texture creates cosiness.

    Colouristics of this design is various: monochrome grey and beige tones in combo with red, turquoise and yellow make design colourful.

    This design is an excellent option for back splash or one of walls which is planned to be mark out.

  • The most bright and contrast design of this collection, modern and full of different textures and patterns.

    There is one main tint in each coloration that makes this design bright and contrast. Wooden planks harmonize with modern inscriptions.

    This design will beautify your kitchen, add it colours and appear as a bright accent in your interior.

  • The name of this design speak for itself: it is a sketch of kitchenware o texture background. It is very delicate and modern at the same time.

    This design is offered with combination of partner that entirely mirrors main background.

    Colours of this design imitate natural textile colouristics with contrast image on top.