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Collection of hot-embossed vinyl wallpapers on a non-woven base, 1 m wide.

"Edelina" collection is inspired by a journey theme, which fills our life with pleasant memories, emotions, unique experiences, spirit, beauty, and ancient history of various countries and cities.

We attempted to project an unmatched atmosphere of culture and traditions onto walls and it will bring you warmth and be helpful in creating unique interiors.

"Italian patio", "Bangladesh" and "New York" designs are combined into a single-color group, which contributes to the versatility of their use. Color solutions of this group are available in a trendy color palette – these are the natural hues of earth, forest, stone, and sand, which provide calmness and harmony.

These designs are complemented in the collection by a companion that resembles a textile texture of the main design background.

"Bamboo" and "Japan" designs of the collection are sole-colored, their texture is similar to wild silk, with all entwinements visible, and a gold coating emphasizes a texture structure and provides softness.


"Edelina" collection is a trip to the world of comprehensive designs with a rich color palette, remarkable motifs, original composition, that decorates and brings a warm and cozy atmosphere to any interior.

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  • Our trip across the "Edelina" collection begins with the picturesque Mediterranean Sea.

    "Regatta" design

    Wallpaper surface looks like an oil painting. The embossment imitates brush strokes and the colors reflect a vibrancy of tints, creating a landscape of sea bay with beautiful sailing ships.

    This design is remarkable not only because of its brilliance of colors, but also due to its special atmosphere, which is full of sunlight, romanticism, sense of peace and serenity. The design is complemented in the collection by a companion, that also imitates an oil painting with a rich color palette and living texture.

    "Who has your eyeballs vexed and tired, feast them upon the wideness of the Sea" (John Keats)

  • "Italian patio" design means the traditions of medieval Italy, where the dozens of buildings were decorated with rhythmic ranges of arches, creating stunning decorative ensembles. Nowadays, the images used in the interiors of windows, arches and fronts are a new tendency of space decoration. Moreover, they are applied to different interior details (textile, accessories, furniture upholstery, panel). "Italian patio" design is a light golden glitter that amplifies and emphasizes an embossment textile effect.

  • The life is pulsing 24/7 through a large metropolitan city containing numerous buildings. However, New York is presented very moderately and graphically in this collection. The city lines are intertwined as on the map, creating a picture that does not go without a background and creates a certain single structure. Play and reflection of spangles on the city lines emphasize it and make it glimmer under the light rays.

  • "Bangladesh" design is a modern interpretation of townscape motifs. While looking at this landscape, you can feel that it has co-opted both the spirit of mysterious antiquity and several elements of charming Oriental culture, and the technique of this picture creation makes it modern and stylish. The design looks fascinating not only because of its delicate graphics, but also due to the design composition itself. It is unique because of its horizontal orientation, which creates a sense of space as if you are on your way to the city and looking at it slowly appearing on the horizon. Due to picture lightness, the design will look unobtrusively and fashionably on your walls.

  • Ink wash painting is not just a style of painting based on the application of china ink or gouache. It is a form of art that appeared in Japan under the influence of Chinese traditions. By means of quality delimitation of colors, sophisticated and delicate texture and soft composition, we tried to recreate a special atmosphere of contemplation and consideration, peculiar to oil painting in this design. Mountains, waterfalls, forest: all these elements will bring an atmosphere of tranquility and peace to your living premises, as well as match the ethnic trend, that is widely popular and mainstream at present.

  • This design furthers a theme of Japanese art, so it can be used both as an individual design and as a companion to the "Japan" design. Vertical bamboo sprouts, looking as if they are painted with a soft brush, are supplemented with subtle glimmer and textile embossment.