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Elegance collection by Sintra factory includes wallpapers with expanded vinyl, their size being 1.06 m x 10.05 m.

The new Elegance collection is composed of designs inspired from several sources: classical and contemporary backgrounds which will match with eclectic interiors and aimed to a large public.
So more precisely, it is a blown vinyl technique collection in 1,06 meter using 2 different height levels and enhanced with shiny special effects. It is composed of 4 main designs with an amount of 25 references.

  • The damask design inspired from the eighteen century has been stylized in a modern way in order to harmonize it either in classic and modern interiors. The textile structure used in the background makes the design noble and sobre. The colour range offers a variety colour combination aimed to several interiors.

  • This timeless design inspired from classical scroll leaves is combined with a fine textile structure in the background. The shadows of the motives gives some optical relief to the design. The colour range is composed of natural tones. It suits with several different styles of interiors.

  • This graphical flower has been created in a minimalist way and highlighted . The technique was made with low and high blown vinyl. with darker outlines and some glitters.

  • This is the most excentric stylized design. It shows allover flowers blown with some shiny accents (glitters). The freshness of the pastel range suits to any contemporary interiors.