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When Nature and Geometry are complementary.”

This contemporary collection associates graphic elements with natural textures of Nature.

“Fabio” is a hot embossing collection developed on a non-woven substrate and produced in both size widths (0,53 and 1,06 Meter). This collection mixes some “eye catcher”, soft geometric patterns and natural nuanced textures. The color range is mainly composed of soft and natural shades.

Some designs are enhanced with subtle special effects which makes this collection refined.

It is composed of 8 designs. In total are released 47 references.

Finally this collection is suitable to different rooms harmonized of contemporary and timeless interiors.

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  • This design is inspired of an Italian forest.

    It is an allover of stylized branches. The association of mat and shiny effects brings a delicate and refined touch to this slightly embossed design. The color range is composed of 7 variants. It is made of some bi -tone, monochrome and contrasted shades. It is combined with the soft tonal and cloudy plain.

  • it is one of the most sobre and minimalist graphic design. It can be combined with most of the other designs. The vintage look of this design enhanced by a slightly touch of shiny special effect offers the possibility to the consumer to match it with several interior types. The 5 tonal colorways match with the other designs.

  • This geometric design is composed of diamonds elements enhanced with subtle modulated and gradient textures. The color range is composed of 5 variants: from the tonal to the contrasted and more extravagant trendy tones.

  • VIA

    This graphic and tonal structure could be combined with most of the other designs. The color range is composed of 7 variants slightly shiny and inspired mostly from earth tones.

  • Delicate modulated graphic “faux uni” texture which can be associated with all the designs. The colour range is composed of earth and modern shades and match with different interior rooms.

  • The most realistic texture of the collection. It is an imitation of a tree bark. It is build up with delicate and nuanced tones. It can be harmonized with most of the other design. The fine hot embossing structure reveals the natural look of the design. The 5 shades could be harmonized with several designs.