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New collection from Sintra. Format 1,06m x 10,05m. Hot embossing on non-woven.

Take a glance at the new "Feeling" collection by Sintra factory – and you will be overcome with incredibly light and gentle emotions. A combination of lightness, refinement, romance and lyricism remarkably highlights different elements of styles used in this collection, from classic style to unusual ethnic style, which became trendy in wallpaper fashion for 2015. You will fall in love with the wallpapers of this collection at first sight. This description cannot characterize this romantic collection in full; it provides just a brief overview for you to develop a general impression.

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  • This design embodies boundless vastness of a TENDER flowery meadow. It conveys an incredible feeling of summer, warmth, sun, romance and joy. This design is executed in "Watercolor" technique. Color range is very gentle and soft in order to underline and mark the "lightness" of this pattern. The flowers look very natural. They are totally lifelike. Moreover, these wallpapers resemble a painting of an artist that you would like to place in your interior at once. This pattern will bring all colors of warm summer into your premises. The interior will not look overwhelmed due to tender, airy and elegant color scheme of these wallpapers.

    This design is hot-embossed, with its width being equal to 1 m. The main motif is complemented by companions (imitating textile texture). On the whole, there are three companions in the collection. However, colors are chosen in such a way that each companion may match two different colors of the main design.

    Color range: pastel combination of the shades of pink and green against the milky background, pearl gray, purple, violet, beige, blue.

  • "ANTICIPATION" design is executed in a hand-made style. This design features certain hints of "staginess" due to the stunning stylistics of graphics. Blurred floral pattern is faintly visible in these wallpapers and it makes them more interesting and mysterious.

    The interior with "ANTICIPATION" wallpapers would look rather unusual and interesting. Floral pattern would amplify the spaciousness of your premises. When creating this design, the designers used special application of metallized PVC plastisol in order to achieve the effect of silver, bronze and gold on the wallpapers. At first sight it may seem that the image is overwhelming in your premises. On the contrary, color scheme and design of these wallpapers are so circumspect that nothing will break the impression of harmony, peace and silence. This pattern may help you create an incredibly interesting design.

    Its color scheme is calm and soft enough, and it also follows modern color trends: a combination of beige and Burgundy red, silver and gray with black, sandy beige, coffee and chocolate.

  • The pattern depicting glimmering leaves is rather simple, but at the same time spectacular. It will perfectly match an interior of any style. Color schemes used in this design will never become obsolete. A remarkably interesting 3D-pattern will create certain atmosphere of coziness, harmony and calmness. Nothing in this design may irritate you. On the contrary, it creates an incredible feeling of peace and pacification  

    The wallpapers have an effect of embossment and glitter, which makes them more sophisticated and unique.

    Color range: sandy, cocoa with milk, beige, silver purple, olive, chocolate.

  • "ELEGANCE" design is the most classical part of the collection, inspired by baroque style, and namely, ELEGANT Italian architecture of the 16th century.

    A rather interesting pattern features an effect of gilding. The main motif is clearly distinguished from the main pattern structure. An elegant stripe adds even more brightness, expressiveness and ELEGANCE to the pattern. This design can also be combined with a simpler pattern (separate curl), and its background is decorated with little airy flocks of a simple structure, resulting in a perfect combination with the main design. The interior with this pattern would look unusually solemn and smart due to three-dimensional wallpapers structure.

    Color range includes calm, dilute and warm shades: beige with golden, beige green with golden, beige brown with golden, cocoa with milk and silver.

  • "MODERATION" is a neoclassic design, inspired by the fashion of the late 18th century and executed in the Empire style. Being rather moderate and calm, this style has nothing to do with a rave of colors and patterns. That is why this design deserves particular attention. The central stripe of these wallpapers has an elegant and noble pattern and is framed with a sole-colored background on both sides.  There are also some spangles disseminated across the main pattern, which is a good idea to add special festivity and delicacy to the wallpapers.  The pattern itself is clearly distinguished from the background due to delicate modulation and the shadows that stand out.

    Color range includes soft dilute shades: beige brown, silver and gray, beige golden, white and purple, gray beige, violet.

  • It was inspired by skins of wild African animals. The distinctive feature of this complex pattern is its dynamic and mysterious nature. And due to a stunning combination of different kinds of mother-of-pearl, which create a gleaming effect in the light, this design is even more refined and attractive.

    Color solutions: bitter chocolate, beige, olive, silver and gray.