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"Fiorenta" collection (derived from Italian "fiorare" – to bloom) embodies the trend of adherence to everything natural designed in a neoclassical manner.

Being full of floral motifs and conceptual modern sole-colored designs, "Fiorenta" collection will appeal to an active urban dweller. Modern people prefer minimalistic approach to interior design and appreciate an opportunity to bring atmosphere of the country mansion and its gardens to their interior. Color palette of this collection designs is so various, natural and fresh that every single fan of traditions and style will find an appealing design for themselves. Unobtrusive use of glitter and spectacular textures make "Fiorenta" collection designs perfectly suitable for any interior. Moreover, they improve overall perception of premises decorated with them regardless of their dimensions.

"Fiorenta" wallpapers with expanded vinyl, their size being 1.06 m x 10.05 m, is an ideal way to make modern home really special.

The motto of this collection is: floral motif is a source of long-lasting pleasant emotions!

  • Full of intertwining shadows tangled among twigs and unusual plants, a fancy garden follows the whim of its offbeat creator. The philosophy of the "Fancy Garden" design lies in its minimalist and classic nature, while innovation is conveyed through stylization. "Fancy Garden" design is an example of practical modern approach to a traditional pattern solution. Fanciful climbing plants are deprived of decorativeness and supplemented with aged coating structure. Due to its natural color palette the "Fancy Garden" design manifests its advantages to the greatest extent, showing and emphasizing its ingenuous elegance, while subtle glimmer accentuates the pattern. "Fancy Garden" design concisely supplements modern eco style interior.

    Color palette: green, brown and gold, yellow and beige, pink and gray.


  • From the early morning, a young and frivolous wind ruffles the flowers, blossoming strictly one by one, bushes and firs that surround a palace resembling a jewel-box. Wind enters the palace through the open windows and explores its interiors decorated in a graceful Restoration style... "French Garden" design is a replica of sophisticated mid-19th-century art, embodied in elegant curls and pastel shades. A subtle glimmer of the pattern supplements an imperishable motif. "French Garden" design comes with a companion, which has an unusual and expressive structure replicating the unobtrusive pattern of the main design. Due to its companion, this design may be successfully used to decorate interiors of any size without crowding them, while helping to avoid excessive style pretentiousness. "French Garden" design represents traditions and flavor of a French manor, integrated into modern design trends.

    Color palette: beige, lilac, yellow-beige, gray-green, gray.

  • Authentic lush foliage, rose buds, glowing in the sunshine, shadowy walkways and secluded gazebos – every single component of a traditional English garden contributes to establishment of cosiness and harmony between the nature and the human existence. Inside an English house one can observe an exotic blend of traditions and ethnic elements of the colonial style. "English Garden" design is a stylized illustration of this historic approach to space design. Underlined by the shadows, the laconic roses blossom upon a surface that imitates corkwood, thereby creating a minimalist and conceptual design. Due to its volume and expressive visual perception effect the "English Garden" design is perfectly suitable for use in various interiors, while its conciseness and natural color range make it a brilliant solution for small premises. Being traditional, exotic and expressive, the "English Garden" design is intended to serve as a base for a stylish interior.

    Color range: beige, lilac, yellow-beige, gray-green, gray.

  • A whisper of garden trees outside, crackle in the fireplace and a warm and comfortable shawl to wear at the chilly sunset – all these are the features of the atmosphere created by the "Cosy Garden" design. As if it were woven of soft fiber and gentle chintz, the "Cosy Garden" design fills the space with the sunshine, warming it up due to its rich textile color palette and refreshing it with its audacious combination of textures and patterns. Smooth transition of glitter, which dissolves in the surface and appears once again, creates an extra volume and makes it possible for the structural design to glamorously reflect on the wall. Due to well-weighed combination of volumes and composition of the pattern, the "Cosy Garden" design is able to emphasize the advantageous features of the interior and hide its imperfections. A combination of classic stripes of the main design with the chintz companion on a textile texture is an ideal solution for modern style interior with the elements of classicism or country style. "Cosy Garden" design is a zest of interior that creates a cosy atmosphere.

    Color palette: beige and pink, light green with peach, rose and gray, yellow and pink, coffee and pink, plum and burgundy.

  • Overwhelmed with blossom, a garden changes. The garden bears fruit and seeds, spreads them along garden paths, gives them to the wind to bloom once again, when the time comes... This atmosphere of vanishing beauty, changing in accordance with minimalism that is created by the nature itself, gives birth to a stringent and nostalgic mood. "Vanish Garden" design illustrates the conceptuality of early fall. The sunny color palette, moderateness and modernity of this design turns this sole-colored structure into a fresh supplement to any interior. Expressive combination of elements evokes associations with natural textures, which is always topical in a modern world of decoration. "Vanish Garden" design is a perfect base for any modern style interior.

    Color palette: rose and beige, white and grey, green, yellow-beige, brown.

  • This design embodies the freshness of spring morning through the palette of blooming March nature; still moderate, but already sunny. "Spring Garden" design is a masterpiece of the countryside style in its modern interpretation. With its linen stylization and traditional patterns, as well as soft contrast and classic stripes, this design is both versatile and topical. Combined with the companion that follows textile pleat texture, the "Spring Garden" design places due emphasis on relevant interior zones, while preserving cosiness and calmness of the premises. Sketchy glitter coating gracefully supplements this design. This unobtrusive glimmer emphasizes the atmosphere of cool spring morning and midday warmth of kindling sunbeams.
    "Spring Garden" design resembles an awaking garden. It is spring indeed!

    Color palette: gray, white, white and beige, black and white, lilac.