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It is a collection of hot-embossed vinyl wallpapers, their size being 1.06 m х 10 m


Wallpaper collection in the classical style with the core idea of creating designs full of expressive identities, diverse palettes and carefully crafted textures.

The collection was inspired by the intention to find such elements and modern interpretations of classical style that could create comfortable, light, intelligent and elegant atmosphere in any modern interior. Aristocraticism, attention to details and delicacy are common to all designs of this collection. 

  • Being moderate in composition, but rich in texture content, "Tudor" design represents modest intelligence. Design made as "trinity" design.

    I - Classic damascene motif perfectly matches the background with a vertical structure of crushed fabric. Due to light mother-of-pearl glimmering, this design looks as if it is a real fabric, which makes its appearance laconic and cozy.

    II - Thin floral motifs in a classic stripe make this design very romantic and tender.Design embodies exquisiteness of English style, low-contrast color palette and delicate motif elaboration.  

    All components of the design made of the same  color range enabling creation of unique combinations during interior decoration. А simple companion, resembling the background of main designs, complements and helps to create a wonderful ensemble from these three components.

    Color range: milky, golden and yellow, gray and brown (mocha), olive, bronze (brown and gold).

  • Artistic classical motif catches the eye thanks to its elegance. Due to light touch of patina, bronze or mother-of-pearl, the pattern looks really lively and spacious.

    Despite rather large elements of "Elite" design motif, it does not look overwhelming. Coloristic solutions and harmonic combination of different textures contribute to this impression. Wallpaper deep embossment provides maximum external similarity with fabric.

    "Elite" design will provide a modern look to your house, while preserving the spirit of ancient traditions.

    This design is complemented in the collection by a companion created with textile textures imitating fabric made of wild silk. These wallpapers are perfectly combined with each other and may fit for the decoration of any premises – from bedroom and sitting-room, to office or billiard room.


    Color range: dark olive shade, vanilla and beige, milky pearl, mother-of-pearl and lilac, silver gray, chamois (brown).

  • Thin stripe-like elements fill "Chelsea" design composition creating a fancy pattern, similar to antique English furniture decorations. Textile texture is supplemented with glimmering of spangles and metallic band edges, adding light oriental hue of Colonial times.

    Background structure is represented by a vertical fabric structure with various fiber intertwining and mother-of-pearl coating.

    Golden, silver and bronze elements combined with soothing shades highlight noble nature of this design. These wallpapers will make your interior memorable and harmonic, while creating cozy and comfortable atmosphere.


    Color range: beige, gray, bordeaux, pistachio, cream.

  • You will never remain indifferent to Venice after visiting it at least once. Many artists drew inspiration from it for their new masterpieces. "Rialto" design is based on landscape sketches (drafts) of this beautiful city. In this design we tried to convey distinct city features with its rich heritage and light atmosphere. Combination of textile texture and natural color palette adds a special charm to the design.