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 It is the collection of hot-embossed vinyl wallpapers, their size being 1.06 m х 10.05 m

Classic designs of this collection are the beautiful embodiments of a modern classical style with its specific aesthetics and delicacy.

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  • The motif of thin twigs, gracefully filling design composition, is always topical. "Francois" attracts attention by its glamorous graphics on the elements and slight metallic effect of patina adding genteelness and vintage.
    Main design is accompanied by stucco texture with obtrusive vertical structure. It is definitely an advantage for small interior decoration. Moreover, this design is decorated with spangles, glimmering in the background and highlighting the structure.

  • Small damascene combined with classical intelligent stripes and texture uni is a perfect ensemble for classic style interior decoration. These designs can be used both in a combination with each other, and separately. Each of them will worthily decorate your premises.
    Key advantages of "Imperio" are a gleaming effect and effects of light, since visual design perception varies from different standpoints. This effect is achieved due to a specific embossment and selected textures. A palette of soft pastel shades is supplemented with metallic effects (gold, pearl, bronze, silver) that add special charm.

  • This design includes various textile structures, providing gleaming and opaque effect, as well as a combination of softness and delicacy.
    Use of pearl-based water pigments adds embossment depth and amplifies woven effect.
    Although elements are ornate and complex, they are softened by well-elaborated design composition.
    As a result, walls decorated with "Nardis" design, combined with a textile companion and warm color shades, look gently and cozy.