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This collection includes hot-embossed wallpapers, their size being 1.06 m x 10 m.
Gallant No. 8 is a collection of designs complying with the trends of contemporaneity, such as atmosphere and modern classical style. Bold solutions, various motifs and rich color palette emphasize identity and style.

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  • One of the main current trends is the Atmosphere trend, inspired by environment, flora and fauna.
    Bellagio is our interpretation of this trend. Due to multidirectional embossment textures and composition, this design is easy to perceive and can be used even without a companion. Bellagio opalesces and varies from different standpoints and lighting, like a wind flow.
    Warm color palette includes earthen light shades, while delicate spangles decorate and supplement the design.

  • Modern classical style, aesthetic appearance of English and French traditional interiors and pastel fashionable colors are represented in Manchester design. Reflector embossment, as well as pearl coating, transform this design and it adds a unique new form to classical damascenes in a stripe.
    This design is complemented in the collection by two companions: perfectly matched strict original stripe and texture uni.
    Such combination of designs and light color palette provides a complex solution for interiors of several promises to be decorated in a single style. It also creates an atmosphere of intelligent luxury and nobility.

  • Volare is a floral abstraction.
    Its motifs represent stylized dandelions, covering the whole design composition, as if they are spread by a wind breath. The name speaks for itself, since Volare means "to fly" in Italian.
    Volare can be regarded as an abstract design due to a special effect — metallized water pigments make this design fashionable and stylish, vaguely resembling something space-based.
    Such combination of styles makes Volare modern, bright and remarkable.
    The companion, which replicates the structure of the main design background, has a textile texture, slightly curvy like a wave. Such interesting companion can be applied both in combination with main design, and separately.