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Being moderate in composition, but rich in texture content, "Tudor" design represents modest intelligence. Design made as "trinity" design.

I - Classic damascene motif perfectly matches the background with a vertical structure of crushed fabric. Due to light mother-of-pearl glimmering, this design looks as if it is a real fabric, which makes its appearance laconic and cozy.

II - Thin floral motifs in a classic stripe make this design very romantic and tender.Design embodies exquisiteness of English style, low-contrast color palette and delicate motif elaboration.  

All components of the design made of the same  color range enabling creation of unique combinations during interior decoration. А simple companion, resembling the background of main designs, complements and helps to create a wonderful ensemble from these three components.

Color range: milky, golden and yellow, gray and brown (mocha), olive, bronze (brown and gold).

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