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"Gallery" collection is a bright mixture of stylized and sometimes classic motifs of wild life, combined with unusual geometry, which are the most popular with modern customers.

And this is more than floral patterns...

Each design has its unique style, and this is what you should keep in mind while planning renovation. At the end of the day, you create your own world, so you should primarily look for a pleasant, comfortable and congenial style of interior.

"Gallery" collection was developed by the Sintra factory team of design professionals. That is why its designs are at the same time various and devoted to a single theme. The wallpapers are made with expanded vinyl and their size of 0.53 m x 10.05 makes hanging them on the wall really easy.

Main designs come with companions to make the collection truly variable.

Diverse color palette gives an opportunity to decorate any room in any style, as it includes both very soft and pastel shades in classic designs and bright and slap-up hues for modern ones.

The motto of the "Gallery" collection is: the interior style is not an image – it is your lifestyle!

  • "Neoclassic" design is a design for those admirers of classic art, who want to keep up with the times.

    The main motif of the pattern consists of columns (stripes) placed upon the modern textile structure that shows low ceiling of your premises to advantage.

    The main design is supplemented by a companion that perfectly matches it by the striped textile texture. It supports the main design and underlines the neoclassic interior style, which places emphasis on maintaining proportions and symmetry.

    The design is made in a sieve printing technique with the use of noble gold and silver glitter.

    Another advantage of this design is its color palette, which is natural, warm, albeit modern.

    Color palette: sand, olive, gray-white, lilac, silver gray.

  • Wallpapers in the "Fusion" style are not a mere tribute to fashion, but an everyday reality. It is getting much more complicated to adhere to a single interior style, taking into account the wide variety of styles offered.

    And Sintra factory designers do not stand on the sidelines, as the "Fusion" design offers an opportunity to show the synthesis of various interior styles with the help of a modern floral pattern.

    Wide waves and well-chosen floral motifs add a dynamic and special atmosphere to a modestly furnished sitting-room or any other room in general.

    The design is made in a sieve printing technique with the use of engraved printing and underlines the textile texture of the background structure. A range of effects is used in order to amplify modern and youth visual impact of the design: for instance, effects of metal, mother-of-pearl and sketchy glitter upon floral motifs are applied.

    An everlasting, smooth and moderate structure supplements the main design as a companion.

    Another advantage of these wallpapers is their color range, which is natural, warm, albeit strong and intense.

    Color palette: blue and beige, beige and pink, beige and sand, silver-purple, silver-gray.

  • "Modern" design emphasizes bright individuality with the stylized motif of a floral pattern, namely, poppy.

    Conciseness and minimalism of the pattern catch the eye immediately, however the pattern also includes soft and smooth lines, which are a distinctive feature of the modern style.

    The design deepens the pattern with the help of different reliefs of paste height, as well as gloss and matte effects.

    Floral motif that appears in the background, resembling a light mother-of-pearl, adds evanescence and romance to this design.

    Graceful textile background structure contributes to the overall delicate and sophisticated style of the design.

    And finally, due to the use of glitter that is applied just to several leaves the design looks a little more shiny.

    Due to a wide color palette one can decorate different premises with this design.

    Beige, chocolate and sandy shades may be used for decoration of sitting-rooms and dining-rooms. At the same time, bright colors on the white background are suitable for offices, bedrooms and nurseries.

    Color palette: red on a milky ground, blue on a milky ground, lilac on a white ground, brown on a light beige ground, red on a beige ground, red on a brown ground.

  • The name of the "Romance" design speaks for itself. It is a light classic pattern formed by flowers that are equally distributed across the structure to create a single motif.

    The pattern looks as if it appeared from the background. This effect is achieved by the use of paste of various density. Graphic elements appear on the surface of floral patterns, thus creating a modern look of the design.

    An abstract textile structure is used as a background. It is vertically ordered and used for the companion, creating a symmetrical and calm contrast with the main floral motif.

    The color palette corresponds to obscure and moderate shades, which are a distinctive feature of "Romance" style.

    Thus, this design fits any furniture and looks beautiful in any premises. It will appeal both to the people who observe traditions and to those who value simplicity and grace.

    Color palette: coffee with milk, light beige, gray, white, green, dark-colored powder.