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Wallpapers in the "Fusion" style are not a mere tribute to fashion, but an everyday reality. It is getting much more complicated to adhere to a single interior style, taking into account the wide variety of styles offered.

And Sintra factory designers do not stand on the sidelines, as the "Fusion" design offers an opportunity to show the synthesis of various interior styles with the help of a modern floral pattern.

Wide waves and well-chosen floral motifs add a dynamic and special atmosphere to a modestly furnished sitting-room or any other room in general.

The design is made in a sieve printing technique with the use of engraved printing and underlines the textile texture of the background structure. A range of effects is used in order to amplify modern and youth visual impact of the design: for instance, effects of metal, mother-of-pearl and sketchy glitter upon floral motifs are applied.

An everlasting, smooth and moderate structure supplements the main design as a companion.

Another advantage of these wallpapers is their color range, which is natural, warm, albeit strong and intense.

Color palette: blue and beige, beige and pink, beige and sand, silver-purple, silver-gray.

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