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"Modern" design emphasizes bright individuality with the stylized motif of a floral pattern, namely, poppy.

Conciseness and minimalism of the pattern catch the eye immediately, however the pattern also includes soft and smooth lines, which are a distinctive feature of the modern style.

The design deepens the pattern with the help of different reliefs of paste height, as well as gloss and matte effects.

Floral motif that appears in the background, resembling a light mother-of-pearl, adds evanescence and romance to this design.

Graceful textile background structure contributes to the overall delicate and sophisticated style of the design.

And finally, due to the use of glitter that is applied just to several leaves the design looks a little more shiny.

Due to a wide color palette one can decorate different premises with this design.

Beige, chocolate and sandy shades may be used for decoration of sitting-rooms and dining-rooms. At the same time, bright colors on the white background are suitable for offices, bedrooms and nurseries.

Color palette: red on a milky ground, blue on a milky ground, lilac on a white ground, brown on a light beige ground, red on a beige ground, red on a brown ground.

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