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The name of the "Romance" design speaks for itself. It is a light classic pattern formed by flowers that are equally distributed across the structure to create a single motif.

The pattern looks as if it appeared from the background. This effect is achieved by the use of paste of various density. Graphic elements appear on the surface of floral patterns, thus creating a modern look of the design.

An abstract textile structure is used as a background. It is vertically ordered and used for the companion, creating a symmetrical and calm contrast with the main floral motif.

The color palette corresponds to obscure and moderate shades, which are a distinctive feature of "Romance" style.

Thus, this design fits any furniture and looks beautiful in any premises. It will appeal both to the people who observe traditions and to those who value simplicity and grace.

Color palette: coffee with milk, light beige, gray, white, green, dark-colored powder.