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This is the first thematic collection with expanded vinyl, the size being 1.06 m x 10 m, on a non-woven base.

Originally the word "gentleman" meant a man of noble descent (this was the main definition of an aristocrat). Later it became a denotation for an accomplished, honorable and balanced man.

A modern gentleman is a man with emphasized politeness and civility, accomplished and noble. Such a man should be surrounded by interior that would match his image, which is so attractive for ladies. We unfolded an image of gentleman in this collection by combining textile textures, graceful and sound, as a gentleman's suit, with strict complex colors and modern compositional solution. All designs of the collection are aimed at adorning the interior to create a sophisticated atmosphere of modern classics and exquisite splendor.

The collection imitates natural and expensive textiles made from wool, tweed, boston, cashmere, drape, jersey and others. Due to modern interpretation of classical forms, fashionable color solutions, selection of textile textures, used in main and background designs, the "Gentleman" collection is unique and multifaceted, and any customer can find those wallpapers that are the most suitable for him/her.

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  • This design is represented by the stripe on a tweed base with a delicate baroque pattern. Although this design is conservative and strict, it is the uttermost refinement, elegance, splendor and sapience. This very conservatism and certain strictness make it so impeccable. With two companions the design can be used not only in modern offices, but also in other premises, creating attractive English atmosphere.

    Color palette: milk, gray graphite, olive, mocha, umber.

  • This design corresponds to the latest trends of modern wallpapers marker, where all the artists aspire to do their best in copying textile pattern and structure. It is intended to imitate a pronounced fabric texture that helps offset the pattern of classic Irish rhombus. Any interior with the "Oxford" design will look refined and elegant with a distinctive blend of aristocraticism, exquisiteness and moderateness.

    Color range: beige, straw, olive, brandy, red wine.

  • This design is made in Victorian style and shows its "good manners" and pure taste. Eclectic patterns and diverse textures and motifs were distinctive features of Victorian style. "Aristocrat" will never be boring, because the traits of Gothic, classics and rococo with the elements of English stylistics in his "lineage".

    The design combines an oblique textured stripe and a modern flower motif in a classical style of Jacquard technique. Put another way, it embodies Victorian classics in modern perspective.

    This design will be appreciated not only by the conservative senior people, but also modern youth that likes experimenting with eclectic interiors.

    "Aristocrat" design and its companions will create a unique ensemble in your interior.

    Color range: vanilla, greige, steel, spring leaves, Burgundian red, indigo. 

  • "Tweed" design is an imitation of high-quality tweed fabric.

    Tweed is a choice of a gentleman, as it emphasizes the unique style and adds a light hue of British aristocraticism. Tweed became a synonym for sapiency and moderate man elegance a long time ago. Many famous designers are eager to use it in their collections.

    With the help of "Tweed" design everyone can create moderate but stylish interior.

    Color range: indigo, beige, gray, greige.