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"Gloria" collection comprises hot-embossed wallpapers on a non-woven base with expanded vinyl, their size being 1.06 m х 10 m.


Nowadays harmony and comfort are still in focus of consumer requirements. Providing them is possible only based on the three well-known elements:

- Memorable and interesting design

- High-quality technique

- Versatility of use.

Sintra factory has united all these features to create "Gloria" collection, which is both personalized and comprehensive.  



"Wallpapers and fashion is a link between our bodies and architecture," says Dutch designer Marcel Wanders, and suggests looking for the personal style not only in clothes, but also in interior. "Gloria" collectionincludes wallpapers that would satisfy anyone's taste. Abundance of patterns and color schemes, as well as diverse textures, will help you create amazing interiors of different styles and directions. 

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  • Gloria is an optical phenomenon in the atmosphere, which can often be observed in the mountains, where light creates stunning effects of multicolored shadows in the sky. We tried to reflect this phenomenon in our design using new effects of light refraction on the beautiful floral pattern. We have used gold, chameleon effect, bronze, silver, and even copper to make "Gloria" design attractive and original.

    There are two companion solutions that match this design in the collection: the one with a sparkling metallic glitter and the calm mat textile one.

    This combination will become a distinguished adornment for any premises. 

    Color palette: dark chocolate, silver and white, pistachio, golden beige, chameleon color.

  • This design stands out due to its simple and refined shapes and motifs, combined with textile textures. Due to embossment structures and the mother-of-pearl, the wallpapers sparkle like real pearls and have a modern and stylish look, while the spangles, placed under new technique, create an exquisite glimmer. The graceful pattern will help create a modern, emphatically elegant and individual interior.

    Color palette: light olive, tea rose, sandy, light beige, light gray combination, cornflower blue. 

  • "Foxtrot" graphic design exists to establish creative atmosphere in your home that would serve as a source of energy and inspiration. Embossment and game of textures, along with sweeping and rhythmic lines, reminding of dance and stemming from the sketches of modern architecture, add some vigor, create optical effects and visually change the size of your premises.

    "Foxtrot" design comes with a companion that copies one of the textures of main design background. 

    Color solutions: deep pistachio shade, cream, sandy golden, light beige, lilac fog.

  • New interpretation of classics combines classical patterns with natural textures, such as linen or cotton structures, that add the uniqueness of nature to your interior. With its elegant lines and rich and moderate coloristics, this design fits well in a fashionable classical interior.

    "Neoclassics" design is accompanied by a moderate textile texture. Combined with the design, they will be a fresh accent in the interior ensemble.

    Color solutions: muscat, light beige, apricot, light olive, gray and white.

  • "Venetian stucco" wallpapers texture follows one of the modern trends in the world of interior design. Embossment technique, vast diversity of color palette and the effect of glimmer create the "depth" and beauty on the walls of any premises. The design is accomplished with a decorative sophisticated charm due to delicate nuances of colors.

    Color palette: bordeaux, pink powder, cappuccino, light olive, golden, vanilla beige, silver and white.

  • This design with expanded vinyl is a perfect solution that will help you create a modern fashionable interior. Bright flowers are literally bursting in blossom in the soft and unobtrusive background. "Candy" creates a sunny and invigorating mood of spring.

    And its companion in the form of textile fabric texture will be an excellent supplement to the main design.

    Color palette: combination of graphite and red, white and gray, vanilla beige, coffee, lavender, lilac.

  • Entwined curls and leaves will mesmerize you with the fineness of lines, creating an atmosphere of a fantasy wood and attracting you with its mysterious beauty. Silver and bronze on some motifs are eye-catching. Spangles decorate the pattern, making it really unmatched and attractive. The companion follows the structure of the main design background. This pleasant texture of crushed fabric will be appealing to everyone who sees it. "Fantasy" design will make your premises fully self-sustained, creating nice and accomplished classic interior.

    Color palette: silver and black, black and white, blue frost, golden olive, glimmering peach, elegant beige.

  • Due to soft combinations of different entwinements and pattern embossment this design looks as if it were hand-made. Abundance of structures form bizarre modern ornamental waves. Combination of these features makes this design really interesting, conveying warmth and hominess. Thus, the style of this design is original and modern.

    Every color scheme of the main design comes with a companion with textile woven-like structure.

    Color palette: light brown, olive, lilac, combination of white and gray, beige.