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Highlight is a vinyl Hot embossing collection developed on a non woven substrate and produced in one meter width. PVC weight is about 165 grs/m2 . Regarding the concept of this collection it offers a variety of different styles of motifs and structures. From Classic to more modern universes and directly inspired from the International upholstery Editors as Rubelli, Romo, Lelièvre or Nobilis. It is composed of 9 designs including plains. In total are released 47 references.

So this collection is aimed to a large public who likes to harmonize classic and modern styles.

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  • This traditional Damask motif is designed with some kind of vintage structures and harmonized with a fine and delicate textile structure into the background. This combination of mat and shiny special effects brings a touch of “chic” into this noble and sober ornamental design. The color range is mainly composed of bi-tones.

  • This is the most contemporary design of the collection. The geometric shapes are built up with different sections of structures enhanced by a registered Hot embossing. The Range is composed of tonal and contrasted tones according to the different consumer needs.

  • This watercolor painted design illustrates some Venetian views among the mist.

    The linen structure enhanced by a slightly shimmer effect brings some value to the design. The tonal shades can easily match with different types of interiors.


  • This modern Damask directly inspired from Italian neo chic styles enhances classic motifs harmonized with gradients colors. The special effects are silver, gold and glimmer materials.

    The 3D structure used in the background (same as the plain 70883) achieved in a modern way suits with rich and noble interiors.

    The different structures and height levels made in registered Hot embossing accentuate this optical relief.

  • This design is considered as the “Eye catcher” of the collection. It is achieved in one meter width. It shows a stylized landscape of Toscana.

    The several embossed structures associated with mat and pearly materials accentuate the panoramic overview of this design.

    This design is also the partner of the plain 70845 which use also partially the same structure. The color range is made of gentle, natural and earthy tones

  • This unique main design is directly inspired from authentic types of mineral structures. This seamless structure design is playing with mat and shiny effects. The registered Hot Embossing shows the different levels of structures. The color range is composed of earth and modern tones which offers to the consumer the possibility to harmonize it in different types of interiors.