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The "Identity" collection means an individual approach to the design, technique of execution and special attention to the consumer's opinion. This collection is full of various motifs, both modern and classic. At the same time, the collection is eclectic and therefore memorable and interesting. Besides, this collection can help you to create an interior that reflects your personality.


The "Identity" collection embraces a variety of exquisite designs and styles, with a rich palette of the latest trend colors combined to satisfy the taste of any buyer.

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  • The theme of a city is one of the most popular today. However, having analyzed the market offerings, we have concluded that it is necessary to create a graphic city with small motifs, light and unobtrusive, instead of panoramic detailed scenic landscape. Moreover, we have made combinations with a background of blurred bricks, therefore this design is suitable for many styles, such as loft, minimalism or even Scandinavian.

    The collection includes "London" design with a companion, which replicates the watercolor brick background of the main design. This companion can be used both with "London" design and independently.

  • Soiree is a home celebration or a party with close friends. This is the atmosphere we wanted to reflect in this design. Our intention was to create coziness, softness and warmth in a premise with textile structures. Damascene looks embroidered on a cloth.

    Classic damascene is made in modern colors with modern materials. The embossing is worked out in detail and creates a textile effect, while the gold coating enhances it for flickering in the rays of light.

  • For more than a year, the theme of geometry is a trend in the wallpaper industry. When creating "Charlie" design, we were inspired by the style of the architect, artist and designer Charles Mackintosh. Only thanks to this style the design of Charlie got its slender proportions, not burdened with too much decor. At the same time, this decor is functional and suitable for modern interiors. Textile structure of the main diamonds softens the geometry. Embossing is made in such a way that at a refraction of light, shine and flicker are intensified and special effects (pearl intaglio printing and complete coating with gold glitter) enhance this impression.

  • Abstract lines fill the whole composition of this design, like sea waves, melting one into another. Mother-of-pearl/silver/gold create gleams on the waves, adding a modern look to the design. Textile structure of the background is executed using a high-quality embossing, which creates an imitation of soft fabric, and this structure is covered with light gold shine.


    "Ocean", "Charlie" and "Suare" designs are merged into the same color groups, so are the companions that repeat textile effects of the main designs. Merging of these designs allows using each of them both independently, and to decorate several rooms in different styles, but at the same time in one color scheme.

  • Classics with its delicate beauty. Damascene of the same tone looks amazing on the wall of any room. Only in its vertical position all its beauty, volumes and contrasts are revealed. Play of glitter against the background and matting effect, which is new for our factory, create an intelligent contrast, enhanced with embossed textures. The shadow creates the 3D effect and the damascene looks relieving on the textile background.

    In this collection, the damascene has a companion stripe that replicates all the principles of construction and effects of the main design.