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Creating this collection we’ve maintained classic exclusivity and added Oriental glamour motifs. It consists of three main designs and three partners one of which is a stripe. All collection is animated by contrast colours. Central design features are depicted on pastel background attaching intensity to this collection. We’ve made special emphasis on visual effects that point out each design and create luxury atmosphere.


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  • Designs with delicately shaped ornate big damask perfectly harmonize with simple clean stone structure on the background. Golden elements add brilliancy and expensiveness to this design. The partner totally followы the structure of the main design.

  • Medina is the biggest design in our collection. It demonstrates confidence and expressivity. Main damask element is underlined by paillettes glitter and is framed by golden and silver monograms on pastel textile background. Medina has two partners one of which is a stripe that repeats reduce to one-third elements of the main design. The second partner is a background textile structure that also follows background of the main design.

  • This is textile big classic damask which texture resembles hand-made tapestry weave. Contrast damask elements perfectly harmonize with textile bright backgrounds. Golden and silver paillettes make design very stylish.