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"Livio" is a collection of hot-embossed vinyl wallpapers on a non-woven base.


The whole collection is soaked by modern trends, tendencies and new ideas. "Livio" is diverse and versatile, as our life with its variety of feelings, rhythms, and emotions. Designs are matched in such a way that everyone can find something that reflects the inner state, whilst a collection itself is versatile due to the well-weighed compositions, patterns, wide and rich color palette.


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  • "Relief" is a structural design, emphasizing a texture and volumes of the stone sculptured pattern. The 3D effect is proficiently played on in this design, that's why simulation of a bas-relief on a wall looks naturally. Due to a small size of elements and color palette diversity, it can be used both as an individual design and in combination with other designs of this collection. A design has a soft twinkling effect.

  • In addition to pattern elegance, this design is notable for a harmonized combination of historical motifs and spirited color solutions. Due to such combination, this design looks trendy and stylish. Patterns glimmer and add a romantic spirit. This design will be a perfect emphasis in the interior.

  • ART


    "Art" design is a reinvented Art Deco style. We wanted to create a design based on Art Deco motifs with its festivity style, contrasts, and effects, as well as make this design modern and versatile for any of our premises. Geometric patterns create continuous tracery, and the motifs are decorated with a patina effect.

  • "Stone" design means an immersion into color and texture interaction, revealing a perfection of natural lines. This design can be used in decoration both the premises in a loft style and the classic interior, creating a trendy atmosphere. Beautiful color transitions simulate natural stone with its intrinsic structure.

  • The geometric design is truly eye-catching. Design motifs opalesce, sparkle, twinkle and form wonderful patterns as in a kaleidoscope. Design geometry is decorated with color delimitation effect, featuring soft and harmonic hues.

    A light elegant shade creates a volume effect, that, without any doubt, looks great on a wall and belongs to the one of the leading trends for today.

  • Details are the main highlights of this abstract design. Motifs consist of the multiple lines, which vanish as in a fog changing their colors, and then appear again being the clear geometric forms, as if they are alive. The usage of artistical devices, as well as a combination of shining and matte surfaces emphasizing design details, add a special charm to the "Extravaganza" and makes it eye-catching in comparison with competitors.


  • This is a classic in a modern style, where a baroque composition of damascene is combined with a sophisticated trendy solution of color delimitation.

    Traditions and modernity add a charm and demonstrate an expressive identity.

  • Due to its soft small patters, covering all surface as a texture, this versatile design can be used in any premises and within multiple stylistic solutions. We were inspired by Art Deco style, that's why the patterns are covered with twinkling shine adding a charm to the design.

  • "Impressive" design provides a reflection of life in a big city. Thin lines approximate and then move away from each other within a geometric pattern, as a cosmopolitan center with its vibrant beats. Design complies with the trends of a wallpaper world and expresses a harmony of pure lines, revealing modern European insights in space and geometry.