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Lorraine collection made a thing that seemed to be impossible. It redeveloped the aesthetics of a wallpaper world, transforming it into a manifesto of modern art. Various designs of Lorraine collection evolved and were supplemented by abstract shapes and geometric patterns.

Each design of this collection is represented by 5-6 modern hues. They include basic color range and are supplemented by modern and stylish colors – graphite and asphalt, mint, soft blue, indigo, and terracotta.

Lorraine collection became a designer immersion into color and texture interaction. It unfolds sophistication of natural lines and the surroundings. The collection continues rich traditions of world art, filling it with modern interpretations and trending aesthetics. Lorraine collection will transform your interior into a symbol of interior fashion.

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  • Glamorous Casa Nova design attracts by its noble shine with metallic effect. This design is created for those who dream of a modern glamour of high society and endeavors to strengthen color dominant elements of the interior. A motif of design continues the rich traditions of world art, filling it with modern interpretations and trending aesthetics.

  • Soft pattern with a neat diagonal motif is associated with noble suiting fabric of Pierre Cardin, Christian Dior, and Chanel fashion companies. Elegant texture is harmonically balanced with soft colors. The design will help to recover from stress and to achieve a feeling of balance in everyday routine.

  • Geometric motifs supplement and develop a theme of nature and its metamorphoses. A contrast combination of negligent rough pattern and glamorous texture with stunning tactile perception has a surprising and pleasant wow-effect. Matrix design emphasizes sober, primarily neutral hues, adding seamlessly the highlights of trends – rose quartz, grey-blue and rust.

  • Delicate graphics of design reproduce a charm of mobility and innovative judgment, peculiar to impressionism. Add the authentic colors of Degas to your interior! Soft pastel hues are adopted from the artist canvas. Elegant and perfect white color segues to quiet, almost water-color gradations of beige, dissolving in gray and dusty graphite.

  • The design fills the dwellings with atmosphere of happiness and tranquility. It develops and significantly extends the color and texture ranges of Lorraine collection, and the misty hues and velvet texture with light buffies conquer mind and senses.