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This collection of non-woven wallpaper base has been achieved with the hot embossing technique. the dimensions are developed in both formats: 0.53 m x 10 m and 1.06 m x 10 m.


The inspiration for this collection was the famous Mediterranean resort located in the south coast of the Costa del Sol. In 1940, Marbella was a small village with a population of less than a thousand people, Today, Marbella is considered as one of the most fashionable resorts in Spain. Thanks to the unique microclimate and picturesque landscapes, this city has become a favorite vacation spot, as well as an interesting cultural and historical city. there are a wide of variety of ancient buildings and heritage originating of great cultures. The modern culture has also found a worthy place here and fits perfectly into this variety of styles. One of the most famous examples of the contemporary art in Marbella concerns ten original sculptures created by Salvador Dali, located in the alley of Paseo de Alameda.


In our collection, we have tried to create a sunny atmosphere about a modern image of a Mediterranean seaside resort, by inviting you to dive into relaxation in order to recharge yourself. This is what is reflected in the Marbella collection, which includes tri dimensionnal  graphic designs and geometric ornaments combined with the textile texture of the main plain partner. The collection also contains a floral pattern which combines with brilliance and harmony the fundamental geometric style.


The collection consists of 7 designs, combined into four main color groups. Each group is structured in such a way that practically all designs can be used simultaneously in a interior design without going beyond the shades of the presented group. At the same time, it turns out to create individual interior compositions, from minimalistly strict, to the most extravagant. However, any of the selected options will reflect the actual fashion trend and will bring to the room a brand new fresh atmosphere.

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  • Design "Caballero"  - a modern geometric design with a tri dimensional effect, its pattern looks like architectural reliefs. The basic shapes are emphasized by various colors - all the colors are made in "metallic" shades. This design fits perfectly into any modern interior and turns a flat wall surface into a spectacular texture.

  • Design "Salvador"  - A very modern design in the current style of watercolor graphics with tridimensional effect. The repeating design ornament looks like a field strewn with flowers. it stylishly complements the floral line of the collection while being a geometric design. The color palette is composed of "classic" colors from light gray and beige shades to the soft coffee, which only enhances the noble harmony of the design.

  • Design "Lucia" - sophisticated floral design. Like the fragrant Mediterranean roses climbing the sunlit facades of houses. This design illuminates the entire collection by its tenderness and flowering splendor. The linen structure of the background is the same as the plain "Lino". it will refresh and accentuate the cosy interior.

  • Design "Alvaro"  - a diamond-shaped design with large elements boldly enhances the modern interior and enables you to create easily some accents in the room interior. This design combines simple shapes with a variety of subtle textures. The glitter effects ennoble the contours of the picture and will attract your attention.

  • Design "Porto" - a unique design in a "retro and Art deco" style showing the  shimmering edge effects. The variety of textures and subtle shades makes you look at the usual forms in a new way.

  • Design "Lino" is a universal partner in this collection, suitable for any design combination. A light, unobtrusive linen structure in a monochromatic pattern and embossed can create a summer atmosphere of relaxation and comfort. This design offers seven variants from the refreshing light gray and beige to the bright mustard and burgundy.

  • Design "Hidalgo"  - this monochromatic design cannot be considered as monotonous. It is as if it was created from thousands of multilayer inclusions extending deeply into the surface. It was as if the artist's skillful hand painstakingly applied every shade layer by layer. The great result of this amazing picture has enabled to combine it with any other design of the collection according to a selected color palette.