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While creating "Merida" collection, we were inspired by the Spanish town of the same name, in which bright and colorful facades of the 21st century intertwine with historical and antique architecture.

The collection consists of classical designs combining glossy and matte effects, elements various sizes and bold color solutions.

This collection also features large graceful damascenes, stylized neat monograms and filigree textile motifs.

Сoloristics were created in such a way that any design would contain a mix of several companions, diluting saturated colors with more delicate and pastel ones.

Subtlety is the special characteristic of this collection. While creating these designs, we aimed at preserving classical elements in the best traditions of this style and adding fashionable and new solutions to them.

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  • It is a textile classical damascene with a texture that resembles weaving of a handmade tapestry. Contrasting blue, burgundy, and black colors are wonderfully combined with tender milk and grey shades, and the shining silver effect adds richness to this design. 

  • This design has a large and sophisticated damascene, the background of which replicates the main element reduced by four times. The floral pattern on the base of damascene adds filigree and luxury.

  • The classical design with the proper and exquisite damascene. The center of its composition is shifted downwards, thus the background is well-readable, and the design looks light and unobtrusive.

  • It is a stylized floral ornament with large elements that elegantly line up in an ornate composition. Play of matte and glossy effects makes this design more attractive. The ornament on the background replicates the main element of this design. Thus, the design and its companion look seamlessly and in a unified style.