Milana is euphonic female name that means “caring”. While creating this collection we’ve cared that each could find design according to their tastes. Modern style combines both trendy designs and classic motives.

  • Fascinating design: thin lines create fancy-framed pattern adding unique mystery to your interior. The play of glossy and mat effectively emphasizes sophisticated motif forms. It should be noted that colours are made based on “inversion” principle.

  • Classic ornament with relief element perfectly matches mini damask pattern against a background creating multiplex but mild composition.  Combination of mat soft materials with glossy ones makes this design unique and stylish.  The partner mirrors main design background with small classic element.

  • Floristic motifs, made in minimalistic scandinavian style, will look perfectly in any interior. Spring mood of the design creates comfort and romantic atmosphere. Like flecks of sunlight glossy effect emphasizes wallpapers mat velvet texture.

    In collection this design is presented with the partner with subtle silhouette and modern texture.  Such partner can be used independently as well as in combo with the main design.


  • Royal damask is maid in modern style. Regardless its size it looks uncluttered and refined. Your interior will be delicately decorated with Estetica design combined with partner that repeats background. Your room will be furnished with modern elegance due to Estetica stylish colours.