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Decorating your house in line with genuine British traditions is easy!


The only thing you need to do is to open the "Milady" catalog and choose one of designs created by the Sintra factory design studio in the traditional English style.


It is amazing but true: floral motifs are the best background for a conservative aristocraticism of English classic style. Floral patterns that you will be able to duly appreciate in the "Milady" collection constitute a full-fledged theme in wallpapers design, which stemmed from the fabrics decorated with small flowers. Intertwining stems and floral patterns are conventionally painted in pastel shades of yellow, green, blue and red. However, a typical English-style interior may also employ more intense colors, such as dark green, violet and purple.


We could have said much more about sophistication and nobleness of the English style as well as its features, but it is worth proceeding to the most intriguing thing: just open the catalog and look closer at stylish, modern and elegant "Milady" designs.


"Milady" collection includes hot-embossed wallpapers on a non-woven base, their size being 1.06 m x 10 m.


The motto of this collection is: Live in the traditional English style – let FLOWERS speak!

  • The British are absolutely fond of gardening and it is completely logical that some kind of greenery – be it flowers, leaves or twigs – covered the walls of their houses at all times.


    So we proudly introduce another design of our collection called "Baroness Emilia". This design with its continuous floral ornament creates an unusual pattern on the walls and resembles an English garden, filling the entire wall surface. Due to the use of mother-of-pearl and metallic effects, leaves glow and gently opalesce in any lighting.


    But once again we can suggest using a sole-colored companion in order not to overload the interior with a rather intense pattern of the main design.


    And we can assure you that this motif is not just for women: right choice of color makes the wallpapers with this design perfectly suitable for a man's bedroom or office.


    Color range: green, yellow, beige, grey.

  • "Lady Jane" design is an example of conservative traditions, which are inherent to interiors decorated in the English classic style.


    The thing is that floral motifs on the walls resemble a rampant garden with the lack of order. However, classic style is often perceived as a benchmark of orderliness. And the easiest way to reach this goal is to make everything orderly already at the early stage of design development by adding stripes that look as if they limited flowers.


    And it works indeed: if walls are decorated with such sectors of flowers resembling flowerbeds, these flowers will not flicker before eyes.


    Also, it is worth considering that the wallpapers of such interior design visually expand the height of the premises. You can safely use them to correct architectural drawbacks.


    A combination of the floral motif and stripes will help to make your interior really classic and romantic. As the color range for this design comprises gentle pastel shades, we would recommend using furniture and decoration of more intense colors in order to improve the impression from the interior.


    Color range: beige, beige with lilac, beige with yellow, grey.

  • Chintz fabric and wallpapers with rose pattern are another characteristic feature of interior in English style. So this noble flower was used in the "Miss Rose" design.


    Rose is a symbolic flower of England that is why this print is so widespread in a classic English interior. And we are absolutely sure they will never be out of fashion.


    "Miss Rose" wallpapers are offered both in calm and rather intense color schemes, so they may become a bright part of your interior and will be emphasized in your room. Such an active pattern needs milder lighting, which means you should take into account companions helpful for harmonizing your interior.


    To some extent "Miss Rose" design strikes a delicate balance between strict classic and cozy country styles: ideally, the interior should look rather pretentious, but not too bizarre.


    Color palette: cream, beige, orange, blue, black.

  • "Princess Elizabeth" design follows the theme of English style.


    Separate bunches of field flowers in moderate dilute shades will certainly draw attention of people who value elegance and classic style. No bizarrerie, just coziness and romance! And the use of mother-of-pearl simply emphasizes tenderness and naturality of flowers.


    Romantic patterns of small bunches of field flowers are a perfect solution for sitting-rooms, nurseries and bedrooms. They will add calmness and tranquility to your interior.


    Englishmen have an eye for harmonious combinations. So we would recommend combining the following: pastel shades of the "Princess Elizabeth" design with bright bunches of royal roses or some other eye-catching accents to the interior and the design would look even more elegant.


    Color range: cream, beige, lilac, green, brown.

  • "Queen Mary" design follows floral theme in wallpapers, since it is one of the distinctive features of the English style.


    Wallpapers of this design may be even hanged on all the walls of the premises from floor to ceiling, because they are rather gentle, not too bright and contain patterns of small field flowers.


    But it should be noted that floral wallpapers are often embedded in the classic interior or combined with some other means of decoration, for instance with wainscots along the wall bottom. And it is exactly what we offer in our interior solution.


    Obviously, we still provide an appropriate set of companions, so that you could create your own combination to decorate the interior.


    If you wish to decorate your house in the English style, you should definitely consider an option with floral wallpapers at least for one room. It may be your bedroom, sitting-room, lobby or your daughter's room.


    Color range: light yellow, beige, orange, lilac, blue.