New items in the collections



The British are absolutely fond of gardening and it is completely logical that some kind of greenery – be it flowers, leaves or twigs – covered the walls of their houses at all times.


So we proudly introduce another design of our collection called "Baroness Emilia". This design with its continuous floral ornament creates an unusual pattern on the walls and resembles an English garden, filling the entire wall surface. Due to the use of mother-of-pearl and metallic effects, leaves glow and gently opalesce in any lighting.


But once again we can suggest using a sole-colored companion in order not to overload the interior with a rather intense pattern of the main design.


And we can assure you that this motif is not just for women: right choice of color makes the wallpapers with this design perfectly suitable for a man's bedroom or office.


Color range: green, yellow, beige, grey.