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"Lady Jane" design is an example of conservative traditions, which are inherent to interiors decorated in the English classic style.


The thing is that floral motifs on the walls resemble a rampant garden with the lack of order. However, classic style is often perceived as a benchmark of orderliness. And the easiest way to reach this goal is to make everything orderly already at the early stage of design development by adding stripes that look as if they limited flowers.


And it works indeed: if walls are decorated with such sectors of flowers resembling flowerbeds, these flowers will not flicker before eyes.


Also, it is worth considering that the wallpapers of such interior design visually expand the height of the premises. You can safely use them to correct architectural drawbacks.


A combination of the floral motif and stripes will help to make your interior really classic and romantic. As the color range for this design comprises gentle pastel shades, we would recommend using furniture and decoration of more intense colors in order to improve the impression from the interior.


Color range: beige, beige with lilac, beige with yellow, grey.

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