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 «Mixing» - это коллекция, где тесно переплетаются изящная классика и современный шарм, выделяя ее среди прочих. Красивые цвета, обилие геометрических и абстрактных рисунков, контрастные тона на белоснежном фоне – композиции из этой коллекции смотрятся очень стильно в помещении. Они способны дополнить декорированные в современном направлении интерьеры, придав комнатам изюминку.                                                                      

Классическая тематика коллекции  состоит из дизайнов, которые сочетают в себе чувственные расцветки, интересные орнаменты, шикарные вышивки и приятные фактуры. Геометрические узоры коллекции «Mixing» необычные, но очень стильные; сочетания цветов, интересные фактуры и  аппликации  запоминаются с первого взгляда.

 Коллекция обоев «Mixing» поможет вам сделать интерьер своего дома более стильным, красивым и гармоничным. В ней можно найти широкий выбор удачных дизайнов на любой вкус.

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  • New trendy geometric design with retro-elements.

    Supplemented with glossy effects and spangles. The design looks spectacular in the interior and is suitable for bedrooms, hallways, living and children rooms.

    It consists of two main designs and three companions, that, in their turn, can be used as individual designs.

    Color palette includes tender pastel shades.


  • Vertical waves of this design create an effect of movement on a wall, and a play of matte and glossy effects allows to perceive this pattern differently from different angles of view and under various light conditions.

    Companion represents a texture with vertical strokes, that are also available in the main design.

  • Name of this design speaks for itself: stylized flowers create streamline geometric pattern.

    Despite its simplicity, this design is very trendy and original and looks very advantageous due to a contrast of glossy elements in a matte background.

    The distinctive features of this design are spangles, that absolutely change a perception of a pattern under direct light.

  • Stylized delicate twig with tiny shadow in a matte background.

    The distinctive feature of this design is its color solutions, as we tried to comply with any tastes of our customers and created a very comprehensive color palette: soothing beige, cold gray, gray in combination with sandy, rich terracotta and burgundy colors, as well as added bright blue and yellow hues.

  • Bloom means blossom. The name of the design reveals completely its nature.

    Flowers are equally distributed across a wall and create an outstanding composition together with glossy elements of stone texture in a matte background.

    This design is suitable for sitting-rooms, bedrooms, hallways, and some color palettes can be used even for children rooms.

    The color palettes consist of both tender, calm colors and bright rich hues.

  • "Aversa" design provides a classic look focusing on beauty and glorifies an accomplished and romantic tradition. Elegant contours of damascene and monograms are supplemented with open-work textile texture. Rich and confident colors fill an interior with an atmosphere of aristocratic luxury and elegance. This design will be appraised by true experts, as well as by people who are sensitive to beauty and give priority to eternal values.

  • Floral motifs evolve in "Fiuggi" design.

    Massive net with floral motifs is harmonized with the textile texture of coarse threads and reproduces a mainstream theme of natural weaving and plaiting.


  • "Teramo" design harmonically supplements the collection.

    It is based on velvet texture with the stylized floral ornament applique. Combination of magnificent velvet and rich embroidery uncovers tendency to perfection and attention to details.


    The collection sets high aesthetic standard peculiar to those customers who have achieved great triumphs and do not want to stop.