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Моdern Style collection is of format 0,53 m х 10,05 m, created in the technique of expanded vinyl.

Life does not stand still, as well as modern architecture. Various styles and unusual transformations affect construction and design of buildings and environment. Designers and architects draw inspiration from various sources and reject stale standard shapes and materials, choosing only new and original ones.
To build an ideal house, exterior and interior need to be harmonized. Modern architecture tends to simplicity, quality and comfort.
Моdern Style collection combines all images of the modern world. It includes imitations of various trend structures, such as concrete or stucco; fashionable horizontal textures, lines and shapes that reflect modern townscape.

  • Any town has an old district with atmosphere of the past. "Old town" wallpapers correspond to world design trends thanks to a harmonic combination of a concrete texture or a cracked wall texture in the loft style with detailed graphic images of windows and small balconies of town buildings.

    The companion complements the main design and makes it possible to create various solutions for interior decoration.

    Color range: gray, milk, sandy, umber, chocolate.

  • City architecture, including high buildings, bizarre shapes and structures has inspired us to create "City" design. Simple shapes similar to building floors with balconies and staircases create a composition of this design. Color palette consists of pastel shades, which has made it possible to use the design without a companion. "City" design will make any interior light and airy.

    Color range: pink, turquoise, cold beige, vanilla, gray and violet.

  • Thanks to the combination of a stylized floral motif and a modern horizontal structure, this design looks fashionable and memorable. Due to mother-of-pearl on floral elements, the design is gleamy and soft. "Ultra" design is suitable for any modern interior and creates a pleasant atmosphere.

    Color range: white, vanilla, gray, chocolate.

  • Reliefs have always been an important decoration for any building. "Grace" elegant design with the element imitating a molding and a beautiful intertwining fills main design space. Smooth transition of color makes the motif softer and adds volume. The companion presents a composition of thin and distinctive stripes with a delicate glimmer of spangles. It creates a well-balanced ensemble together with the main design.

    Color range: beige, sky-blue, light green, white (white and gray).

  • Wavy motifs of "Rhythm" design line up similarly to air flowing in the rhythm of a big city. Pearl stripes intersperse with a thin stripe of spangles and multilevel stripes, which creates attractive and eye-catching volume as well, as pleasant texture.

    This design with a pleasant and bright color palette will help you to create a truly modern interior.

  • A texture strip that looks similar to a building overhang usually decorated with a light relief is the key element of the "Attic" design. This simple, but elegant solution can be used in any interior. Similar colors and delicately developed details make the design self-sustained and suitable for use without a companion.

    Color range: silver, graphite, vanilla, beige.