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Collection of non-woven vinyl wallpapers made in hot engraving 1,06 for 10м

This collection seems to open treasure box putting out mystery, harmony and noble look. Classic designs are combined with abstract, geometric patterns that stand out for its metallic effect.

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  • Design Shell is a combination of art deco style with natural and textile textures and elements. Metallic effects appeal the glance to this abstract design and increase play of colors thereby resembling marine shell. Design Shell is rich of structures, delicately shaped and has broad-ranging scale of colours: it can be used either separately or combined with textile partner that mirrors main background structure.

  • Drive and rhythms of the twenties style and epoch of Great Gatsby novel are reflected in Flirtare geometric ornament. This pattern resembles elegant fans enchased with small stones which spangles glimmer in the light. This design looks volumetric due to elaborated printing and combination of textile and stone structures. Palette is multivarious: it contains contrast colours that create accents as well as monochromic tones that can be used both with partner and separately. 

  • The most universal design of this collection. It is self-existent due to its impressive texture. Design structure is emphasized not only by spangles glimmer but also by artistic platina, silver and pearl creating slight mélange effect. As an independent design it is perfect for the whole accommodation, can cover up walls roughness and make them visually higher due to its vertical elements. However, it can be combined both with classic, abstract or geometric designs of this collection that opens up a possibility to express ones individuality and artistic creativity.

  • Monterey is classic floral damask with metallic effects (silver, gold, golden key “champagne”, pearl) that slightly gleam on deep-laid textile background.

    Background pattern, as expensive sateen, is refracted by different light angles creating play of colors and glimmering.

    Design Monterey is harmonious, well-balanced and presents perfect example of modern classic ornament that corresponds to market trends.