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A new experimental collection of Sintra factory includes wallpapers on a non-woven basis, their size being 1.06 m x 10.05 m.


One of this collection's features is that our designers used several techniques: hot embossing in and without a register as well as expanded vinyl.


Sintra factory designers closely monitor wallpaper market development and wallpapers fashion trends. In 2015 the interior design will be largely devoted to embodiment of "naturality" in accordance with modern trends. A so called ecological style denotes an interior created with natural materials and conveying freshness and unity with nature.


The keynote of "Nature" collection consists in stylized motifs of wood, stone, leaves and canvas. This particular theme, which imitates reunification with nature and was featured in the leading international exhibitions of architecture, design and decoration, continues to be topical in the new 2015 season. It provides the best way to fully express the beauty and versatility of nature.


Indeed, our need to live in big cities made of glass and concrete compels us to strive for nature in order to relax physically and mentally. And the most obvious solution is to recreate it in your own house.


The motto of this collection is: "Everything natural is beautiful by itself!"

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  • Pictures of leaves look so lifelike in the "LEAVES" design that one can see small streaks on each leaf with the naked eye.

    The falling leaves pattern on the wallpapers of different colors including the color of young plants, calm and cozy yellow, sunny brick-orange, and pleasant light beige, gives you a feeling of presence in a real birchwood. And due to such tranquil and visually pleasing color schemes the wallpapers of the "LEAVES" design will not make you bored for a long time. Life in the premises with such decoration is very comfortable, because these wallpapers add warmth and privacy to warm you up during cold seasons.

    It should be also noted that the structure of canvas slightly appears under the leaves in the background. It emphasizes crafty embossment and is used for a companion in the same color range.

    This design includes hot-embossed wallpapers without a register.

    Special effects: solid water-based gold and silver coating that contributes light and gentle glitter.

    Natural color palette: cream, yellow, orange, green. 

  • "WHITEWOOD" design creates an atmosphere of a gorgeous chalet in the mountains, where one would want to enjoy the surrounding views and have a complete peace of mind. "Vintage" design of these wallpapers is calm enough. It does not overload the premises; on the contrary, it makes it spacious and airy.

    A special feature of "woodgrain" wallpapers is that they let you choose both the color of wood and the way of laying wood boards (horizontal and vertical), creating so wide range of choices that one could hardly imagine.

    Slightly worn wood board is a bright, dynamic and modern tool. Using vertical and horizontal boards it is possible not only to "play" with the space, widening or narrowing its borders, but also make it more distinctive and remarkable. Just by using WHITEWOOD wallpapers you will make your interior unique.

    When creating this design, our designers also used the canvas structure that appears in the background, emphasizing an embossment; it can be well-combined with companions.

    This design includes hot-embossed wallpapers without a register.

    Special effects: solid gold coating on a plastisol basis contributes an enhanced glitter.

    Natural color palette: beige, olive, gray.

  • "BRICK WALL" design is an interesting imitation of brickwork. It will be perfectly suitable for premises in loft or country style that are rather simple: high ceiling, large windows, no blatant colors. Everything is natural.

    "Brick" wallpapers can be used both as a main and supplementary decoration material. Just hang them on a single wall or emphasize a column or a mantelshelf with them – and you will get a cozy warm place to relax.  Such wallpapers can be combined with light and sole-colored sections that are painted or plastered.

    These wallpapers are versatile and can be used in any premises, but their usage in a kitchen interior is really special, as this design evokes flashbacks of chimneys and stoves built with bricks and ovens, which preserve heat. That is why the place for cooking food looks more comfortable with a stony texture.

    This design is an irreplaceable component of lobby, living-room, and even bedroom decoration. A brick wall adds some charm of antiquity and creates an atmosphere of mystery and individuality.

    "BRICK WALL" design virtually copies the structure of natural stone, and its expanded vinyl perfectly highlights the three-dimensional structure of bricks.

    Color palette: beige, gray, brick-red (natural color of bricks), brown, dark olive.

  • SINTRA factory designers have created a very interesting and unusual "CARVED WOOD" design in the form of painted battens in the new season. It seems as if a craftsman covered the wall with fine exquisite wooden lacework.


    When looking at CARVED WOOD wallpapers, some people would imagine palatial architecture with wooden ceilings and walls, decorated with carvings and skillful combination of hues and shades of different wood species. Others will fancy a homey wooden cottage in a forest.

    However, despite such difference in perception, luxury and elegance are the best words to describe the interior, decorated with the wallpapers of this design. Combined with correctly selected furniture and textile, this design creates an exclusive interior in a traditional style and makes your home fascinating and cozy.

    According to the latest trends in the decoration world, decorating premises with carved wood is perceived as a stylish, fashionable and topical solution.

    This design includes hot-embossed wallpapers with a register.

    Special effects: solid water-based gold and silver coating that contributes light and gentle glitter.

    Color palette: beige, pink, brown, olive.

  • "ONYX" design is seemingly simple, but only at first sight. If you take a closer look, you will see a hardly distinguishable stone structure, its depth, volume and glitter of stone surface. 

    Association with this stone is attributed to different color layers that sometimes have similar shades, but add depth and structure to "ONYX" wallpapers. Designers did not limit the color range of collection to natural colors of onyx – the palette is changing from warm color, such as beige, emphasized by gold coating, to cold gray shades.

    "Stone" wallpapers will create a special contrast effect in the premises, decorated in high-tech style with the usage of glass and metal. The design will decorate the premises in the natural style and will be a manifest of true taste of the owners.

    "Flagstones" look well-balanced in such styles as loft, country, Provence, ethnic, minimalism, etc., being both modern and versatile.

    This design includes hot-embossed wallpapers with a register.

    Special effects: solid water-based gold and silver coating that contributes light and gentle glitter.

    Color palette: beige, pink, brown, gray, orange.