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"BRICK WALL" design is an interesting imitation of brickwork. It will be perfectly suitable for premises in loft or country style that are rather simple: high ceiling, large windows, no blatant colors. Everything is natural.

"Brick" wallpapers can be used both as a main and supplementary decoration material. Just hang them on a single wall or emphasize a column or a mantelshelf with them – and you will get a cozy warm place to relax.  Such wallpapers can be combined with light and sole-colored sections that are painted or plastered.

These wallpapers are versatile and can be used in any premises, but their usage in a kitchen interior is really special, as this design evokes flashbacks of chimneys and stoves built with bricks and ovens, which preserve heat. That is why the place for cooking food looks more comfortable with a stony texture.

This design is an irreplaceable component of lobby, living-room, and even bedroom decoration. A brick wall adds some charm of antiquity and creates an atmosphere of mystery and individuality.

"BRICK WALL" design virtually copies the structure of natural stone, and its expanded vinyl perfectly highlights the three-dimensional structure of bricks.

Color palette: beige, gray, brick-red (natural color of bricks), brown, dark olive.

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