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"ONYX" design is seemingly simple, but only at first sight. If you take a closer look, you will see a hardly distinguishable stone structure, its depth, volume and glitter of stone surface. 

Association with this stone is attributed to different color layers that sometimes have similar shades, but add depth and structure to "ONYX" wallpapers. Designers did not limit the color range of collection to natural colors of onyx – the palette is changing from warm color, such as beige, emphasized by gold coating, to cold gray shades.

"Stone" wallpapers will create a special contrast effect in the premises, decorated in high-tech style with the usage of glass and metal. The design will decorate the premises in the natural style and will be a manifest of true taste of the owners.

"Flagstones" look well-balanced in such styles as loft, country, Provence, ethnic, minimalism, etc., being both modern and versatile.

This design includes hot-embossed wallpapers with a register.

Special effects: solid water-based gold and silver coating that contributes light and gentle glitter.

Color palette: beige, pink, brown, gray, orange. 

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