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"WHITEWOOD" design creates an atmosphere of a gorgeous chalet in the mountains, where one would want to enjoy the surrounding views and have a complete peace of mind. "Vintage" design of these wallpapers is calm enough. It does not overload the premises; on the contrary, it makes it spacious and airy.

A special feature of "woodgrain" wallpapers is that they let you choose both the color of wood and the way of laying wood boards (horizontal and vertical), creating so wide range of choices that one could hardly imagine.

Slightly worn wood board is a bright, dynamic and modern tool. Using vertical and horizontal boards it is possible not only to "play" with the space, widening or narrowing its borders, but also make it more distinctive and remarkable. Just by using WHITEWOOD wallpapers you will make your interior unique.

When creating this design, our designers also used the canvas structure that appears in the background, emphasizing an embossment; it can be well-combined with companions.

This design includes hot-embossed wallpapers without a register.

Special effects: solid gold coating on a plastisol basis contributes an enhanced glitter.

Natural color palette: beige, olive, gray.

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