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Sintra factory presents its “New Living” collection. The collection includes hot-embossed wallpapers, their size being 1.06 m x 10.05 m. Here you will find wallpapers of various styles – from the latest global newcomers to timeless classics: gracefully drawn-in outlined flowers create romantic mood; stylish, but elegant motifs applied using metallic paints with watercolor effect will transform your interior into a magnificent garden; at the same time sophisticated embossment texture as well, as play of mat and glazed structures reveals glamorous effect of a double pattern. 

As to color range, factory designers have chosen the most spectacular natural shades for this collection.

Basic designs complement sole-colored backgrounds with imitation of textile and other textures (stucco).

  • Ikebana literally means "Living flowers" in Japanese. Ikebana is the traditional Japanese art of flower arrangement using flowers and sprouts as well, as their placement in the interior. It is based on a principle of sophisticated simplicity achieved by identifying the natural beauty of material. Sintra factory designers were also guided by this principle.

    Design composition uses the modern motif and its pattern includes stylized bunches with immortelles in the decorative stucco background.

    Natural bright pastel shades, combinations of gold and silver lines, as well as beautiful floral motifs will help to make your room both noble and tender.

    Color range: black and white, smoky-gray, pink powder, cream, light green.

  • "Jardin" design presents the classic motif in modern interpretation. Tender floral motifs – leaves and flowers are mainly emphasized in this design. Pattern motif itself is rather large, flowers and leaves are contrasted with calmer background texture. Due to such emphasis of "Jardin" design your room will be a full of life and freshness, taking you to the atmosphere of a rampant summer garden. Since main motif is rather intense, we suggest using sole-colored companions for the basic pattern.

    Color range: skin, nutmeg, sandy beige, white, soft gray.

  • The idea of this design consists in a combination of modernity and classicism. "Siena" design was inspired by early Italian baroque, when motifs were always accompanied by a prominent structure. Classic patterns of that time are reinterpreted in this design using modern techniques of composition, materials and delicate embossment. Stucco structure in the background opalesces due to mother-of-pearl and at the same time elements sparkle, which makes the design even more spectacular. Small elements and their arrangement as well, as availability of a companion and natural coloristic solutions make "Siena" design a suitable solution for any interior. This design recreates unique atmosphere of warmth of Italian towns and nature.

    Color range: mother-of-pearl and gray, sandy beige, beige brown with silver, cocoa brown, silver plants.