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Nizza directly inspired from the city located on the French Riviera by the Mediterranean sea offers to the customer a variety of floral designs as we can discover them flourishing on the lands near of this city.

Nizza is a blown vinyl collection developed on a non woven substrate and produced in both size widths (0,53 and 1 Meter). PVC weight is about 130 grs/m2. This collection consists mainly of stylized floral motifs and colored fruity and pastel shades as found in large flower fields embalmed of sweet and delicate fragrances.

The designs are enhanced with soft shiny effects which bring a little glamour touch to this collection.

It is composed of 6 designs including 2 partners. In total are released 31 references.

So this collection is suitable to different rooms harmonized of sobre contemporary furniture.

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  • This is the core design of this collection.

    This modern and graphic floral has been created as per the watercolor technique. It has been achieved on a soft and velvet vinyl compact .The glance areas of the background brings a touch of modernity and freshness to this design. The color range is composed of 4 variants: multicolored and tonal shades which suits to several rooms.


  • This plain is the partner of FLORA design. It is directly inspired from the silky printed drapery of Indian kingdom.  This delicate structure using shimmering multicolor tones enhanced of thin and soft transparent glitters match well with the main design.

  • This stylized poppy flower is composed of 3 main motif colours  painted as per the watercolor technique. The stems and leaves are in low level and have a shiny shades. The Range is composed of vivid tones printed on a very thin dot structure. we have also this structure into the associated partner’s design 71041 composed of tiny graphic and shiny minimalist flowers.

  • This all over tonal design is composed of stylized and graphic flowers enhanced of soft glitters effects.

    The blown vinyl technique of this design enhance the relief of the structure. The color range is composed of tonal and vivid shades which offers to the consumer the possibility to harmonize it in different types of interiors. This plain can be combined with the ELODIE and PETITE FLEUR designs.

  • This is the most graphic design of this collection. The fine textile structure is printed over gradient rectangle shapes. The fine glitter effects bring to this design a sophisticated touch.

    The colour range is composed of earthy, tonal and contrasted tones which can be displayed in various types of interiors.