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One Vision is a collection of wallpapers, their size being 1.06 m x 10 m, on a non-woven base.


The name of the collection may be attributed to the line of the song of Queen music band called "One Vision": "All we need is one worldwide vision". It is important for us to achieve one worldwide vision with our customers. This is what inspires us to search for new solutions and create stylish designs and quality wallpapers that will be esteemed by our customers and will make their homes look attractive and original. Alike the music of Queen, this collection is heterogeneous. It comprises many nuances, half-tints, styles and directions that merge into a single composition and dispose the customer to choose the necessary collection leisurely.  

You can see how rich the collection "One vision" is from the first glimpse: diverse topical designs, a huge range of companions, interesting new compositions, wide color palette – all these features cannot leave you indifferent.

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  • The distinctive features of Renaissance style are rounded carved forms, rich decorative adornments, even some monumentality, but at the same time moderateness and harmony. For instance, in "Renaissance" design a large texture – that softly envelops graceful motifs of stylized flowers as if it were crushed fabric – and a warm rich color palette form a single composition. The design has a unique look due to glimmer on elements and the shadow that adds volume.

    This design together with its companion that copies the texture of crushed fabric will become an award-winning trait of your interior.

    Color palette: pink antique, beige, vanilla, muscat, gray lilac.

  • Looking similar to waves, dazzling with their endless movement, "Breeze" design attracts attention due to its dynamic play and visual effect. Finest embossment amplifies the effect of sparkling, creating the subtlest pearl glitter in this design. This design comes with a diverse palette of color combinations that will bring freshness of see breeze to any premises and help create the light interior.

    Color palette: brown chocolate, light beige, white, golden vanilla, fresh green, gray blue, light lilac.

  • "Iris" design is a classic floral design with intaglio printing. Many colors shade into each other, so it is possible to create on the wall an illusion of blooming irises in the summer garden. The embossment creates a delicate rough structure on the background, and, combined with floral motifs, confers a fascinating aesthetic appearance to the premises. Without any doubt, this design is well-suited for any interior and brings the warm summer atmosphere inside. Its companion copies the texture of stucco from the background of the main design.

    Color solutions: wheat with pastel beige-pink, combination of complex light terracotta with velvety coffee, beige combined with the color of pink sherbet, combination of the color of spring leaves with pastel violet, beige combined with pastel peach.

  • Being original in its craft and making unique effect, the "Wave" design follows one of the popular modern trends of "living walls". Depending on light and the angle of sight, wallpapers with the "Wave" design create a feeling of movement, as if the wave flowed from one color to another. This is achieved due to specific embossment, intaglio printing and special coating with the tiniest particles of spangles that make wallpapers glimmer in the light. "Wave" is something absolutely new in your interior.

    Color palette: white graphite, dark beige with brown shade, smoke white, complex shade of beige olive, beige vanilla, blue.

  • Young sprouts gracefully intertwine with each other, creating classic composition for wallpapers. Due to sharp embossment, textile textures and soft glitter, this design gets depth and volume. Plain and laconic forms make it universal and topical for all the time. The "Constance" design comes with its companion, created with textile texture and original combination of several structures.

    Color palette: cacao, graphite with white, wheat beige, light green, milk beige.