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"Paint by" collection consists of white structural wallpapers on a non-woven basis for further painting, their size being 1.06 m x 25 m. The main advantage of such wallpapers is an opportunity to renovate your interior without major refurbishment. Wallpapers of "Paint by" collection will not aggravate your skin, since they contain no fiberglass at all. Their non-woven base is light and solid, highly breathable and low-flammable. Moreover, it does not expand upon soaking, is easy to hang (dry canvas onto the wall coated with a layer of paste), does not shrink along the seams while drying up and can be wholly removed in the dry state if necessary. Top vinyl layer is intentionally lightened, however embossment pattern is preserved. The very name of "Paint by" collection suggests that it is suitable for further multiple painting or coating using dispersion, latex or acrylic paints. Various ways of painting may be used:  from a trivial sole-colored one to a bicolored or a complex one. Patterns of "Paint by" collection include geometric designs, grid pattern, herringbone pattern, classical crumb, original floral pattern and many others.

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