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"Poem" collection is a genuine poetry of soul and home coziness. It focuses on comfort and harmony, as well as on the colors resembling calm shades.

The collection manifests the art of balanced life. It helps to achieve the balance between your inner world and the pulse of nature. A difference between the textures and embossment pattern is materialized in sophisticated and natural designs.

This collection will be duly appraised by young and venturous customers, who are not afraid to follow the trends and carry out ambitious experiments with color and texture.

"Poem" collection provides positive energy and drive. It can transform any interior and turn it into a cozy world that you want to visit again and again.

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  • Stylized flower theme of this design is emphasized by a trendy color range combined with beige, coffee and brown hues.

    The new colors of 2018 season are graphite and lilac.

  • Thin translucent nets with embroidery and flowers are complemented by noble net lace with tidy damascenes and monograms. Color schemes are available in pastel shades and natural hues.

  • Flower garlands and floral compositions of meadow flowers flow from one background to another, reminding of spring garden compositions.



  • Velvet texture with a classical print is supplemented by the airy organza, which creates a feeling of lightness and summer mood.

    Light and natural color range begins with milky hues and proceeds with yellow, light blue, red and lavender shades.

    All color nuances are manifested as a nice and noble texture and eye-pleasing natural hues.

    Soft immersive colors of the "Poem" collection look masterful and appropriate in any interior.