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This contemporary collection combines geometric patterns and elements of Nature.

“Romano” is a blown vinyl collection developed on a non woven substrate and produced in both size widths (0,53 and 1 Meter). PVC weight is about 130 grs/m2. This collection mixes geometric patterns using soft pastels, tonal colors, gentle and stylised natural patterns as graphic leaves.

The designs are enhanced with subtle glossy and glittered effects which brings a touch of glamour to this collection.

It is composed of 6 designs including 1plain as a partner. In total are released 36 references.

Finally this collection is suitable to different rooms harmonized of trendy contemporary furnitures.

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  • (Marilia) 71277 + 71281

    This sylised pattern inspired from the exotic leaves has been achieved with 2 level height of PVC. Those are playing with the mat and shiny effects and match with a fine blown structure. The fine areas of glitter brings to this design something delicate and sophisticated.

    The colour range composed of 6 variants is also in harmony with the plain structure.

  • The graphic tropical leaves have been composed in a soft and delicate way. The layout and the delicate shiny veins of the leaves makes the design as if it is a "faux uni". The 7 tonal variants match also with the plain structured.

  • This design is inspired from the sixties decade (revival and trendy).

    It is made with 2 levels height using mat and glossy paste. However, the color range composed of 4 variants remains soft. It is made of some pastel and camaïeux tones.

  • This graphic design was realized on 2 levels of vinyl (mat compact, blown and brilliant). The glossy areas of the background brings some modernity and softness to this design. The color range is composed of 4 variants: from the bi-chromatic to the pastel tones that suits as well with the other graphic multicolor design as the delicate graphic structured plain.

  • Graphic and striped, this design created on 2 levels of height shows a combination of different types of mat and shiny vinyls. the 4 variants only play with accent colors on the lines(either tonal or a bit tonic shades) it is combined with the soft plain.